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Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Garden Plan for 2008...

(Final one for today, honest!)

We decided a good way to spend a Sunday Afternoon was to plan what we'd try to grow in the garden this year. Here's what we came up with:

Garden Layout 2008

It was a warm enough day to embark on some of the preparation work and planting, but there's always the risk of frost between now and - well - June! I sat down with the children, and we made a list of what we wanted to plant, and referred to the pack instructions (and a website from where some of the seeds have come - www.alanromans.com) to organise when we'd do the work. Here's what we concluded:

Plant out onions
Soak parsley
Prepare parsley pots
Sow sunflowers

sow parsley

Early March
Sow lettuce

Middle of March
sow sprouts
sow carrrots

Early April
Propagate beans

Mid April
Propagate cucumber
Sow nasturtiums
Sow peas

Late April
Sow rocket
Plant out cucumbers

Early May
Plant out beans

So this afternoon, we turned over the sunflower patch, and the two lower planting tubs, and put the seeds and onion bulbs underground. Lenni filled some pots up with compost for the parsley, and Chris helped cover the unused tub with a black bin bag, ready for the sprouts.

After giving the garden a good soaking (with the help of some rain) and hanging some CDs from strings to dissuade our garden visitors from nibbling the seeds, we retreated inside for hot chocolate and the usual Sunday afternoon baths. Still lots to do - but a positive start, and, most importantly, we had fun!

Posted by james at February 24, 2008 11:22 PM

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