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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The first long commute of 2008...

All in, it's been a bit of a nightmare trip home this evening. It appears that there was an accident on the North Circular west of Brent Cross, which caused the traffic leaving or attempting to circumlocute central London to back up almost as far as the West End. As a result, I'll not be home until close to 9pm, that's 3 hours 'door to door'. Still, it doesn't happen very often, and I had enough to listen to (Radio 4's hilarious Bleak Expectations, Guardian Unlimited's Prime Minister's Questions, Digital Planet from the World Service and David Maister's excellent Strategy And The Fat Smoker business podcast) to make the journey - for want of a better word - more tolerable.

It's been a busy day in the office today - Wednesdays tend to be my meeting days (Tuesdays are for 'catching up' after the weekend, and I tend to be the only specialist in for the Friday 'rush hour'), but I've also taken on a new engineer to mentor, so that's taking quite a bit of time. Although my days are fairly well filled with things to do, unfortunately I tend to squander the evenings somewhat; once I'm home and eaten, it's about half-past eight and I don't really have the impetus to spend an hour in the studio, preferring to tinker on Facebook, or fine tune the PCs (I've managed to map a drive to my mac away from home using PuTTY and a handy port forwarding guide .. cool, but not all that much use!)

I'll hopefully have some time over the weekend, though - and I don't have to get to bed by half-past nine (some hopes!) on Friday, so maybe I can hide myself away and continue mixing one of the band demo tracks then. I have also finally signed up to an on-line music production course called Audio Masterclass - once again, I'm running a little behind on the course, which is made all the more frustrating because despite my noodlings, I haven't taken the chance to download the training materials to my laptop or ipaq, since it makes great sense to study while I commute! Hopefully I'll have time to achieve at least that objective tonight!

Posted by james at January 16, 2008 9:45 PM

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