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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

First post..

I'll do my best to collect my various thoughts, since it's half-past five on New Year's Day and I'm a hundred and fifty minutes (clockwatching? Moi?) from finishing my third of four night-shifts to help plug a gap in staffing over the Christmas period.

We've had a lovely Christmas, with just the right combination of family time and visitations. The children, as always, have been utterly spoiled with wonderful presents (thank you to everyone who gave them gifts.. "thank you" letters are on their way, honest!) Unfortunately, Beth's brother is still not well, so we've all been very concerned for him. Seeing the New Year in from a hospital bed certainly puts my situation in perspective, and I wish Rob all the best for a quick (and complete!) recovery.

Onto slightly better news, I'm excited to report that Wood, the seventh and latest edition of The North South Divide comedy podcast has been unleased upon an unsuspecting internet. I'm pleased with how it sounds.. you can download it here (28MB MP3), or even (if you've got Flash.. hasn't everyone?) play it on your browser:

Hope you enjoy it.

In other news, well, I've not got too much to report, I'm afraid.

Yesterday, I came across a CD of Harry Hill's The Story of the Meeting of the First International Recipe Card Top Trumps Society which was bizarre and hilarious at the same time (so true to form) and couldn't help browsing his website. I can recommend his choice of "Trombolos" (apparently 'the best trombone solos in the world ever') if you want to sit open-mouthed at musical wrongness. Comedy.. it's all in the timing.

I was intrigued by a link in a Tweet the other day - Enter Three TV sounds like a good opportunity if you want to be on telly. I daresay you have to fit most of the 'Big Brother' criteria, though... can't see me getting on TV, since I'm over 35!

Before I sign off on this first blog entry for 2008 here are a couple of additions to my podcast feeds (to replace some which have sadly gone by the wayside over the past year):

  • hydepodcorner.libsyn.com : Mat Hyde's Hyde Pod Corner - home-made comedy, tunes and an improvised epilogue, all put together to make something very entertaining.
  • topicalpish.com : A new Celeb Scandal podcast from the Gary Dring, who's also responsible for the fine Clever Little Pod.
  • www.colonel-radioshow.co.uk : The memoirs of Colonel Crabtree-Smythe, interviewed by Sage MacKorkadale. Strange, surreal and not for the faint-hearted.

There's been a lot of great comedy on the radio of late (not least Radio 4's Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show.. one of the few I have to be careful when listening in public, since it causes me to laugh uncontrollably!) - so plenty to keep me amused while I'm on the nightshift.

Finally, I was sad to hear about the death of Kevin Greening. I believe he was one of the finest DJs of his generation, although he was never really recognised (or wanted to be) as such. There is a great tribute to him at the planetbods.org website.

Posted by james at January 1, 2008 5:25 AM

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