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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Angels and root beer..

Well, it's certainly been a crazy couple of days - no sooner had the bunfeast/beanfight of the birth subsided (it was great fun - and definitely a 'once in a lifetime' experience!) than I had a nightshift at work; another favour to fill a gap in the schedule, which will hopefully contribute to my studio fund...

Today's a recovery day - in more than one sense! - so there's not too much going on. Excitingly, I received my Angel today.. by all accounts, it looks like a mobile phone battery, but - as Exradia claim - it is designed to reduce the coherent radiation that risks causing damage, so it's doing no harm, at least!

I also received a t-shirt (as modelled by the stylish individual to your right - photography by Chris Hart!) so it's certainly worth a few lines in my blog to get the word out, at least!

It's certainly been a period of serendipity and fortuitousness. I was wondering through Asda the other week thinking "I haven't had root beer in years.. they just don't do it in the UK, I guess." What should I spot the other day, but a six-pack of the wonderful stuff. Even better, nobody else in the house likes it, so it's an occasional treat for me, and I know it won't disappear! That said, it's not just I who have a penchant for it - there's a website dedicated to root beer and its availability in the uk at www.root-beer.co.uk.

Back on the subject of music.. I've mixed down one of the four demo tracks that Jude have recorded over the past four or so months(!), but there's a lot more to do. I'm also four weeks into the rather excellent Audiomasterclass.com, which has - at least - given rise to some of the deficiencies in my studio set up! Much of the first few modules has involved microphones and pre-amps, and it's been a struggle to achieve the quality required! I was actually quite surprised that the Yamaha 01X has such poor mic pre-amps, which add a large amount of hiss when you turn them up! I'll get through, though - there are plenty of ways to skin a cat, and I think I'm experienced enough in speech recording to be able to get a reasonable sound. I suppose I'll find out when the assessments come back..!

Posted by james at January 26, 2008 3:35 PM

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