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Saturday, 10 November 2007

broken boilers and general upkeep...

Yet another busy week, but with plenty of highlights to go with the intense working time I've been having of late.

On Monday, for example, Christopher was invested into the Cubs. He had been in Beavers for the past year, and I'm really pleased he's been committed enough to continue, since it's a great opportunity to mix with people other than those with whom he attends to school. Speaking of which, we had a parent-teacher consultation on Monday afternoon, too; save for his handwriting (like father, like son, eh?) he is doing very well indeed, and his class is a slightly better balanced one than last year. I'm afraid it's not a brilliant school he's going to, but I guess they're trying their best under the circumstances, considering some of the families who send their children to that school. Unfortunately one of the other teachers in his year was having such a bad time with her class that she's left - I consider us fortunate that Christopher wasn't caught up in that debacle.

It's also been a week of more work on the house - the plasterer's been to patch up the downstairs toilet and the bit that remained in the kitchen, and the decorator has returned to paint the kitchen walls. In fact, all we need now is carpets (and to throw a LOT of stuff out!) and a bit of electrical work to install the new light fitting in the toilet - I'd do it myself, but because it's an area that contains water, an electrician has to be brought in - and the house will be back to 'normal'.

I've also bought some surprisingly inexpensive new taps from Screwfix for the bathroom sink; I took the opportunity to buy some for the downstairs toilet, too, since the current ones are terrifying in there!

My other household mission is to put low-energy lightbulbs all over the house; apart from the studio (which has ten!), there are only seven incandescent lightbulbs left in the place. We recently replaced the dimmable candle bulbs in the lounge with some really rather new Megaman 'dimmerable' bulbs, which are available at a good price from Engenia. Up to now, (and much more widely available) you could only really get bulbs that dim by multiple presses of the power switch, which isn't really ideal. So, what do we need to replace? Firstly, the spotlights at the top of the stairs to the kitchen: I have plans for these. We have new fittings, and I'll be ordering some energy-saving spots for them, since we do use them a lot. Then there are the spotlights in our bedroom and the downlighters in the kitchen. They'll best be LEDs, I think, since Compact Fluorescents don't last quite as well if they're only left on for a few minutes at a time. However, I'll need to think this through, since most LED downlighters (the 1Watt and 2Watt ones, certainly) aren't bright enough to compare with a halogen spotlight. Any more powerful and it could end up being expensive!

There's a website about all this kind of thing here. There's clearly lots to think about - and lots more to do. Mostly tidying, though.

Today's been a lovely 'day off', though. The children played with Play-Doh this morning, while we pottered around; then, after lunch it was a bit of shopping before we all popped over to see Beth's grandparents. After some hilarity watching their favourite programme (You've Been Framed) it was bedtime for the children, and - well, I came downstairs and started this!

Other news in brief: Trev and I have recorded almost all of the next North South Divide, and I'm gradually getting to know the 01X in the studio - so I can use it for basic studio functions, to start with. I daresay I'll be documenting the thought processes (so apologies in advance for the tedium!), having taking the operating manual to read on the commute to work most mornings this week! Jude's demo is on the way to having been completely recorded; we did the backing vocals after work last night, so all that's needed is to trawl through all the takes listening out for the best ones, some keyboard and synth lines, and then to take some time to mix it all down. Hopefully by which time, the studio will be fully working, and I'll know what I'm doing!

Wow.. this feels like it's been a bit of an epic. I'll hopefully update it more frequently in the next week or so.

Posted by james at November 10, 2007 11:00 PM

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