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Thursday, 27 September 2007

2007 St Albans Beer Festival

It's been a little while since I met up for a drink with my friend Percy, whom I first encountered in the mailing list of the inimitable whatshouldiputonthefence.com, so when the opportunity arose to meet up at the St. Albans Beer Festival - since I'd never been to one before - I was sure to take it.

Many of my friends had attended festivals big and small, so I had some idea of what to expect, but when I arrived in the main hall, having negotiated the merchandising stands, it was a lot more straightforward then I'd imagined. Essentially, there were two large rows of kegs (is that the correct term?) stacked three high; one stretching across the main floor, and the other on a raised stage. For our £2.50 entrance fee, we received a complimentary programme, which contained lots of adverts and a list of the beers available.

Over the next couple of hours, we sampled a small selection of the beers based on whim, the interestingness of the name and places that we know. We had half-pints of:
Percy and me at the 2007 St. Albans Beer Festival

  • Percy : Apley - Bridgenorth (a tasty, mild beer)
  • james : Brandon Royal Ginger (tinged with a wonderful ginger flavour)

  • Percy : Daleside - Duff Blonde (almost tasteless! Duff by name?)
  • james : Church End - P Reg (another mild beer - nicer than the Duff!)

  • Percy : Mighty Oak - Mauldon Gold (a generally pleasant session beer)
  • james : Dark Star - Autumn Equinox (hoppy.. tasty, with a little backbite)

  • Percy : Alehouse St. Albans - Simplicity (Percy's favourite of the night - lemongrass aroma.. mmm!)
  • james : Butlers - Butlers Oxfordshire Bitter (Another fruity bitter - nearly as nice!)

  • Percy : Otley - O1 HD (From a pub in Pontypridd, where Tom Jones used to drink, apparently)
  • james : White - White Gold (From a brewery in Bexhill-on-sea. I'd not realised there was one!)

  • Percy : Alehouse St. Albans - Nine Above Zero (strong, strong beer with a deep bitter taste)
  • james : Garton - Chocolate Frog (dark opaque, chocolately, strong.. a fine way to end the evening!)
  • I made it home - late to bed for work today(!) but I made it in, reassured that despite being Thursday, I'm not working tomorrow, because of the interview on Monday. Speaking of which, I will be hearing whether I got the job on the 5th of October... a little while to wait, but in the mean time, I suppose it's business as usual. Well - not for the next four days, since I've got a long weekend off!

    Posted by james at September 27, 2007 10:48 PM

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