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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

family and friends...

Wow - what a weekend! It's been mostly damp, but there have been enough breaks in the rain to enjoy some time outdoors, too.

Not so on Saturday, though, when we popped over to Oxford to see Pete, Lisa and their little'uns; they were hoping to have a summer party, but the weather definitely let them down. Undeterred, Pete still had a good go at lighting the barbecue, and before we dashed off into the relative dark of an early evening in August, we managed to have some burgers and sausages!

Sunday was another day of travel - this time down to the South Coast, to see Mother and Mary. On the way, we popped in to see Jon's parents... I still can't believe the last time they'd seen Chris he was a baby, and they'd never met Lenni until then!

The intention, once we'd had a relaxing afternoon at Mother's in Bexhill, was for Beth and me to make a trip eastwards, to a little village called Ivychurch, for an overnight stay in a Bed & Breakfast. We've never done that before, so it was quite an exciting, apprehensive prospect for us, but in the event there was nothing to be worried about. The Olde Moat House is in a wonderfully peaceful location, and the owners were friendly and accommodating. We ended up around the breakfast table with an Austrian couple and a couple from Holland, which certainly broadened our horizons!

Unfortunately, Lenni was a little unwell overnight - we think it might have been a late reaction to her booster injections which she had last week - but Mother and Mary calmly dealt with it, for which we are incredibly grateful! She's still a little under the weather, but getting plenty out of life.

Lenni and Chris enjoying their doughnuts in Vanburger's hutTake, for example, our short trip west to pay a visit to Vanburger's now-legendary burger van. If you can, I really would recommend a visit, if not for the friendly service and utterly unique environment, then for the best bacon sandwich I have ever had.

We spent the afternoon with our good friend (and Lenni's godmother) Tamara today, who's definitely destined for great things - it's always wonderful to hear about her experiences, especially since she has a talent that I could only dream of. She's currently branching out into session and wedding photography, and I would certainly recommend her services!

It's been a lovely start to my two weeks off work.. not many links, I'm afraid, since I've been having far too much time playing Scrabulous! Funnily enough, once I'd signed up on the main site, I discovered there was an application in Facebook to play it, so I never actually started a game on the main site. Within a day or so, I received an email essentially asking "are you having trouble, since you've not started a game?" and I responded - thinking it was probably an automated email - that I was playing on Facebook. It was something of a surprise to see that someone responded.. it's always really nice to get some individual communication!

Posted by james at August 21, 2007 8:28 PM

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