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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Saturday, 21 July 2007

results and catch-ups...

Just a quicky for Saturday morning - it's the end of a fairly productive week, although there have been the usual frustrations at work (my current challenge is not to be the path of least resistance, but be able to prescribe a straightforward process to get things done... easier said than done with a large organisation!)

I'm rather confused.. I was sure I had mentioned Supercook's Bake in a Box cake. It's about £2 to buy, but it has a "try me free" label on the sleeve; all you have to do is send it off (once you've cooked and eaten the cake.. it's kind-of critical to the integrity of it!) The one we chose was quite tasty, but resembled more of a muffin than a cake. We all devoured it quite quickly (it's supposed to serve 12, but it was quite crumbly, to be honest, so we all had a reasonably sized lump each).

Anyway, the cheque for £1.79 arrived yesterday, so once we've paid it in, the cake will have been free!

I definitely wrote a piece in a blog entry about the selling of a fairly important bit of radio spectrum. Number 10 have responded, and have issued a fairly unspecific response - mainly that they will appoint an agency(?) to oversee the allocations. I only hope whoever it is has a sensible head on their shoulders.

A quick update on the flood clear-up. Once again, the rain has fallen and I'm sure the recovery companies are rushed off their feet. Take, for example, the company that hired out the drying equpment - we first requested its removal two days ago, but they've been unable to send anyone. Hopefully it'll be gone this morning.. otherwise it'll have to be moved to the studio.

Monday brings the building repair agents... hopefully they'll make a list of the reconstruction work that needs doing, and shortly after that get on with it; we're also getting a call from our man at Belfor to assess the Beyond Economical Repair things. The work to remove the asbestos is taking place on the 10th August, We're expecting a mandate for the carpets soon - we're a little concerned that it's not quite enough to cover fitting... I guess I just didn't ask enough questions while the man was here.

We've got friends coming to visit today, so I'd better get this uploaded and make a start on tidying Christopher's room with him. Have a good weekend!

Posted by james at July 21, 2007 9:00 AM

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