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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Thursday, 10 May 2007

a few random bits of stuff

Not so much a blog entry, as a collection of interesting internet finds and some odd bargains that if I don't relate now, may be consigned to my poor memory and won't entertain me any longer.

I'd better get on with those first - the good thing about working Bank Holidays is that the Sainsbury's Local round the corner closes early, and therefore puts cheapo stickers on the things that will be going out of date. As a result, I bagged myself a couple of 'ready meal' cord mornays reduced from £2.75 to 29p (I'll have to bring some mixed vegetables in to microwave, but that's hardly going to break the bank). There was a special offer on these items, though - two for £5, and this was dealt with by the checkout computer being programmed to subtract 50p from the total of the two items (since they would have added up to £5.50). Despite the yellow sticker, it still chose to take 50p off the price, leaving me with the princely sum of 8p to pay; so two cod mornay meals for 4p. (Suffice it to say normally I wouldn't buy my lunch there - how on earth people can afford daily to purchase their meals from Pret or the like, I just don't know! Fortunately, I have a very talented Beth who can put all kinds of nice things in a tupperware pot and keep me alive.

This only springs to mind because today we popped to get some cookies from Asda (a dessert treat for the children, you understand..!) and I saw that one of the bags of five double-chocolate chip cookies had a spare standard chocolate chip cookie hiding at the back. None of the other bags offered Free Biscuits(?), so we made the most of the free sample! Six for the price of five.. not quite such a bargain, but still not bad!

I've seen a number of interesting websites around Luton of late, the first of which was above the window of a local bus; www.greenstat.org.uk gives surfers a chance to rate and comment upon their local greenery. Despite living in a neglected urban sprawl, there are some oases of open space in Luton, so I took the opportunity to sing the praises of Memorial Park (something of a secret, considering it's never really busy!) and Stockwood's well-maintained walled garden.

There's also a very useful - and quite telling - survey of the quality of Luton's eating places in Luton, as part of www.foodscores.co.uk, a nationwide study of food hygeine. Christopher's school has a reassuring four stars...

Finally, Beth's been taking part of a 'mix tape' arrangement with some other internet folk; some of the CDs she's received have not had tracklistings, and it's sometimes hard to make out the lyrics, so I can type them into Google and work out a song's title and artist. Enter Tunatics, though, a frighteningly accurate piece of software that you run, hold a microphone up to the speaker, and it analyses the tune, comparing it to its database. I was most impressed, and will be installing Tunalyzer (wow! An application that's been written for Mac first!) this evening.

There y'go... plenty to be playing with. As for the next couple of days? Trev and I are hoping to do some recording tonight, too, so another North South Divide will be on its way soon.. and from what I've already read, it promises to be quite the amusing podcast. I'm off work until Sunday, so with any luck, I'll get some decent studio time between now and then.

Posted by james at May 10, 2007 6:48 PM

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