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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

lists, mac streaming and trimfones

Copper coloured top!It'm still annoyed with myself that I'm leaving it two weeks between blog entries. Fortunately, there's been so much going on of late that there's lots to write (when I remember it). Take, for example, my attempt to dye my hair (see the photo) something I've been meaning to do for ages. I'm not bothered by the ribbing I've got at work - and I've already had one offer of help next time I do it (it didn't turn out quite brash as I'd expected)

In an attempt to be more organised, I'm also writing more lists. The "tasks" function on my iPAQ is useful for that, although I even have problems with things that come spontaneously to mind, since they can escape my mind in the time it takes to pick up the PDA!

I went to a 'bash' on Saturday at Trev's - he's my podcast partner and an excellent radio DJ - which was an entertaining occasion. Unfortunately, Beth couldn't come up because we couldn't get sittage, but there'll be another opportunity, I'm sure.

boring internet streaming radio bit
Speaking of internet radio, I've finally done some work on the studio, installing the four unbalanced audio connections to lounge into the second patchbay; this had the intention of taking the studio's mixer output up to the Mac, I googled a couple of neat little bits of Shoutcast encoding software, although I've struggled a bit with both of them:

  • MuSE : A lovely application that can be used to play MP3s mix them with the audio input , and stream it to the waiting public. This works really well, although it is missing a rather critical "icy-ICQ" setting which is used on some on-line servers to identify the user. Jon, king of programming, is hacking away at the source code as I type. He's remarkable.

  • AudioRack : This is a heavyweight, background server based suite of software that I'm not sure I quite understand. I got it working once, but I like to leave the main screen (which is the only one that has access to the audio hardware) logged in as a non-administrator, but I've been having trouble starting the server in that state. Slightly easier to work around, I suppose, but a bit of a hassle nevertheless.

Sound and music
Incidentally, if you'd like to buy a CD that really reflects the musical tastes of people today - at least, according to the customer reviews - you can't go far wrong with this.

Finally, I was suprised to hear that one of my colleagues has the same ringtone as me - a bit of a same, since I thought I had a unique sound. For what it's worth, though, if you ever wanted your phone to ring like a 1980s trimfone, now's your chance:

trimfone ringtone mp3 (285k)
trimfone ringtone amr (25k)

More - hopefully - before too long!

Posted by james at January 30, 2007 9:47 PM

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