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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Sunday, 24 December 2006


It's getting so close to Christmas, and it's a bit of a struggle to fit everything in, especially when the work days are quite intensive. Still, I'm sure we'll get everything done (although you might just have to wait a while for your card to arrive!)

We've finally put the Christmas tree up, now that the new carpet's all down and settled, and we're making steady progress with present wrapping.

In fact, with the various visitations we've been making and general preparations for Christmas, it's been quite a pleasant, festive time. I'm off work now until Boxing Day (gone - at least for now - are the rather irritating Christmas Day shifts, thank goodness!) and schools broke up on Wednesday.

I took the children on a last-minute shopping trip to Stevenage yesterday morning, so they could each buy a present for their mum; I still think they're a bit too young to be giving presents to each other, but it was sweet to see them making their choices, based on what they thought she might like.

I've spent the last couple of evenings working on the podcast - we're trying to get one out before Christmas; I've got a few bits of editing to do, and then we're on course for having it uploaded on Christmas Eve (if anyone's downloading podcasts then!)

radio bits
One great bit of news is that Ofcom have made some of those little FM transmitters you can get for MP3 players legal, so whenever we've been in the car, I've been inflicting festive tunes on the family (it saves on the aggravation of constant rotation of Razorlight and Snow Patrol on commercial radio!) - there's an informative article about it in The Register.

I've also been told about a rather interesting new internet broadcasting service - Ubroadcast. It's almost like 'public access radio' for internet broadcasting; it's free at the moment, but presenters will ultimately be charged for their airtime. If I could commit to a regular time, I would certainly be interested in playing 'radio stations'! (thanks, Heather!)

Local Luton News
There's still an awful lot of work going on just down the road from us - they're building an enormous bypass to take traffic destined for the airport off the main M1 to Hitchin route (which is the main road that passes our house).

The Luton Borough Council 'ELC project' website has details of roadworks that are taking place in the near future, and the next couple of days will certainly be interesting, since they're intending to lower a new bridge over the railway. This needs to be done on Christmas Day, apparently, since it's the only day in the year that trains don't run, and there are concerns about the vibrations causing problems! Every time we've driven past the site, floodlights and workers have abounded, so I'm guessing it's really important they get it done in time!

Maybe we can take a few minutes off eating our mince pies to see what's giong on.. interesting times, indeed.

links of the day (festive and otherwise!)

  • www.elfyourself.com : This one's given us no end of fun since I was sent this (thanks, Deb!) - upload a picture of yourself or a friend and have them perform a festive dance!
  • www.clubpenguin.com : Christopher's current favourite online-game.. an interactive world of Penguins... or, something!
  • www.panopticist.com/archives/215.html : One for the film-buffs among us.. there's one sound effect that's become something of an 'in-joke' in movies over the years.. they call it the Wilhelm Scream, and some diligent viewer has put together this entertaining compilation!

Merry Christmas, one and all!

last minute update : there's a festive edition of The North South Divide available now! Hope you enjoy it...

Posted by james at December 24, 2006 5:02 PM

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