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Friday, 25 August 2006

technology going northwards..

Friday's jumped up on me again; I'm still waiting for work to calm down (some hopes!) but in the meantime, it seems to be taking up a lot of my life.

That said, it's all over for a little while - we're driving up to the north-east tomorrow, for a week close to the middle of nowhere. It'll be a real contrast from the constant murmur of road and air traffic where we are, since we're staying in a small village not far from Durham.

Despite moving into a country cottage for a week, I can't help but bring a load of electronics with me. I'm almost ashamed to list all the kit that I'm taking:

PDAPDA charger(as an alternative to a road atlas.. and for geocaching)
Bluetooth GPSGPS charger(to tell us where we are)
mobile phonemobile phone charger(OK, so it's not strictly necessary, but...)
iRiver MP3 playeriRiver charger(to listen to my backlog of podcasts!)
microphone (just in case I ever do an audiotour...)
Digital cameraAA battery charger(to preserve memories)
Walkie talkiescharger(for our wanderings)
Playstation 2wires(for Beth to watch studying DVDs - honest!)
Little radio (or perhaps my DAB radio?)
Four way mains adaptor (because there are never enough power points!)

I think that's everything. I'm (so far) resisting taking my laptop with me - it's an early start tomorrow, so I'm fairly sure I won't have time to change my mind - but my work phone is definitely staying at home!

TV comedy
Annoyingly I've managed to miss the first three episodes of Armando Ianucci's new comedy - Time Trumpet. However, from the bits I've seen online, it's well up to his usual standards, and - if I'm honest - knocks spots off Broken News, since it's that little bit more shame-facedly satirical.

However, I was rather surprised at how amusing the programme just before it (at half-past nine on a Thursday evening) is - it's called Supernova, and has the strangest premise for a sitcom that I've ever heard of. So, despite the fact that Green Wing hasn't been recommissioned (save for a Christmas Special when everything is tied up), there's still a lot of good comedy about.

Pluto: a dwarf planet, apparentlyIn my free time, I've been following the saga surrounding Pluto's status as a planet. My work colleague captured and lent me a very interesting Horizon programme about it, and I was almost in suspense while the International Astronomical Union discussed the real definition of planets. Much like many of the academics, I'm not really disappointed that it's been relegated, since at least it's given rise to an accurate definition of a planet.

Links of the day: (reading special!)

  • librivox.org : A fine idea, this - a home-built collection of audiobooks that's free! If I have time (haha!) I might volunteer to do a reading...
  • onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu : More holiday reading - if you're bringing your laptop or PDA with you!
  • www.gutenberg.org : The original collection - Project Gutenburg.

Posted by james at August 25, 2006 10:38 PM

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