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Sunday, 20 August 2006


I think I need to get more of the right kind of exercise. I'm a voracious walker - it's probably the thing I do more than anything else to keep my body from turning into a wobbly jelly. We try to go swimming at least once a fortnight - finding enough non-workdays to do it regularly is the tricky bit, though!

The problem I have is that I'm not really into doing weights and all that bending and stretching, so even embarking on what could evolve into a regular regime is tricky enough! It was interesting watching the couped-up residents of Big Brother (yeah.. I'll admit that I was quite endeared to most of the remaining housemates in the last week; I'm glad Aisleyne came third, but that's enough attention paid to reality TV for the time-being, I think!) - since they didn't have enough to do, they chose exercise as an alternative to indulging in the narcissism that accompanies the housemates, especially when the place is covered in mirrors! I suppose, in fact, their activities was just part of keeping every component of their outside appearance in good condition...

Perhaps I should attempt a little self-appreciation, although I've long been a mirror-dodger! Enough of the editorial for now - as you've probably worked out, there's been little to report save for stress at work, and a couple of matters of concern at home that I've been trying to put out of my mind.

Lenni's been to the hospital for blood tests - she wasn't in the slightest traumatised by it, thank goodness - since we're a little worried about how little she eats and her regular tummy upsets. Considering she's only put two pounds on in the last year, it's quite troubling; mind you, she's an active, cheerful little one most of the time - "I'm a middle-sized girl now" she says.

I'll keep you posted when the results arrive... hopefully it'll give us some guidance to helping her thrive.

Ooh.. the coach has just been diverted from joining the M1 by police cars blocking the entry slip, and I've seen two police vans hurtling toward the scene. Hopefully that'll not delay me too much, but it'll be interesting to find out what happened.


I don't know if I've mentioned these two - first off is Radio Clash; I've heard some fantastic (if often rather irreverent) mash-ups on this podcast, combined with some really obscure music that I'm sure I'll not hear anywhere else.

Then there's Epistaxis Time. It's approaching genius in much the same way that Chris Morris's Blue Jam did - it's a mixture of downbeat commentary and home-made, yet intricate music. I'd probably say it's not to all tastes, but I think it's great, and typifies the wonder of the internet.


The Quiet Revolution QR5 Wind Turbine While listening to the delightfully, unashamedly off-the-wall Hans Island podcast (what is it about that place that elicits so much mockery?) Rob, the presenter, mentioned a rather ingenius type of wind turbine that works on a vertical axis, so doesn't need to face the wind. It's made by Quiet Revolution, and they can even embed LEDs into the blades, so it can project pretty ligts. Unfortunately, it's a £30 thousand investment, so a little out of our budget at the moment, despite paying for itself in 15 years!

Since I first heard about it, the idea of harnessing the energy from molecules has interested me. It's certainly a controversial issue, with conspiracy theorists claiming that such discoveries have been covered up by the oil giants, and sceptics asserting that the concepts are undemonstrable.

Take, for example, the Joe Water Cell; invented by an Australian, it cites such subtances as "Brown's gas" which wouldn't sound out of place in Look Around You. Nobody (at least, nobody I know!) has seen one of the cars that have allegedy been powered by such technology.

A less low-key approach has been taken by the Irish company Steorn, who put an advert in The Economist a couple of days ago, to announce their creation of the first 'perpetual motion' machine. They have requested a 'jury' of 12 physicists to witness a demonstration of the marvel which could change the face of energy supply for ever. Or, erm, not. Whether a real scientific breakthrough, a somewhat pointless scam or possibly the most sophisticated piece of computer game publicity ever, I'll be interested to see how this turns out! (thanks, Beth!)

Right now, I'm heading home for a couple of days off - Jon's staying over tomorrow night on his way back down south, and then it's back to work on Wednesday for three days, before we go up north for a week away from it all. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with my reading and maybe a little music writing while I'm there..

Links of the Day:

  • www.oceangram.com : A little bit of pointless yet sociable fun, this - all you have to do is pick up a virtual bottle, write a virtual message, and then sling it out into the internet ocean. Every now and then another bottle will wash up on the shore, for you to read and, if you like, respond to. (thanks again, Beth!)
  • fudgeland.blogspot.com/2006/08/elviss-greatest-poop.html : Slightly less sociable is this collection of Elvis's worst crimes against music. I thought the Yoga one was hilarious. Look out for the link to the 'Having Fun On Stage With Elvis' album, too. What were they thinking?

In case you're interested, here's why there was a delay on the M1: (courtesy of a fuzzy BBC London)

Posted by james at August 20, 2006 9:29 PM

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