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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Saturday, 12 August 2006

windmills and birthday weeks..

Despite there being plenty to report over the past week or so, I've not written about any of it... a few opportunities have presented themselves (not least when I've had half an hour enjoying the small areas of garden that have now been reclaimed from wilderness!) but I have squandered them on tinkering with my iRiver (I've got the hang of the rather powerful Rockbox software, and it's got a fantastic party mode which will be ideal for a birthday party at Dad's on Saturday evening. That said, it's a bit nervewracking providing just the right kind of music for a fiftieth/sixtieth birthday party, but with a collection of 700 songs to choose from, hopefully I'll not get it too wrong!

Pitstone WindmillChristopher's birthday was on Monday; unfortunately I was working, but we celebrated a little earlier with some present-opening on Sunday, and I have been off work since Wednesday, during which time we've been bowling and spent as much time as feasible in the mercifully less intense August outdoors.

In fact, on Sunday, we had intended to go to Fruitstock in Regents Park, but Lenni wasn't feeling particularly energetic, so we didn't want to risk a 45 minute drive to a crowded festival. Instead, we paid a second visit to Pitstone Windmill - this time on a day when it was open to visitors. There are photos of our trip in the gallery.

Work's been busy, too - I can't believe that, in these enlightened times, I had to spend practically a whole day rebuilding a Windows NT server. Fortunately there are websites out there that supplyimages of boot floppies... very useful for those last vestiges of old technology!

The entertaining and unusual Kid Carpet has started a monthly show on Bristol's Radio Dialect; you can subscribe to his show and the stations other broadcasts here.

I've also taken to listening to various of Guardian Unlimited's podcasts. I especially like the science and politics ones; it's great to hear that,when it returns, the circus of Prime Minister's Questions is downloadable in podcast form, too.

Link of the day:

  • www.singingstation.com : I've been asked, on occasion, by friends if they can come to the studio to record their singing. I've found this site featuring downloads of karaoke songs - they seem very high quality, and only cost as much as a pint of beer to download... worth remembering in case they invade (everyone's welcome, honestly!)

Posted by james at August 12, 2006 2:02 PM

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