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Friday, 7 July 2006

unsafe pavements and strange street furniture

Dangerous footbridgeThere are strange things afoot nearby; I was asked by Beth to contact the local council about a rather dangerous area on the footbridge that we take when walking Christopher to school.

The bridge takes us over the main road, twenty-five or so feet above the trees that line the road and the dangerous traffic; the problem is that two of the railings are missing, the ideal size for a small child to walk through!

For one reason or another (OK, we'd been up since twenty past six, rushing Beth to the hospital!) we were up against it getting to school, but it didn't help when, on our way, we discovered a triangular inspection cover on the footpath, which had tipped, half-falling into the hole below. And wow, did that hole go down a long way (I couldn't see the bottom!)! All I could do was prevent people getting too close to it, by stretching a discarded tree branch across the part of the path that approached it; the cast-iron cover was unbelievably heavy!

Odd mast thing near the former Vauxhall factoryThere was a drainage company van parked on the other side of the road, so when I returned from dropping Christopher off (and on the way to Lenni's pre-school) I popped down to ask if they'd be able to sort it out, since they'd raised a couple of similar covers on their side of the road earlier, so clearly had the right equipment. However, when I popped up there later on, it was still off, but my tree-branch was still there. If, on the school run on Monday, it's still in the same state, I shall photograph it, and contact the council. It's a potential death trap!

On other matters local and odd, in the last couple of days, a new pole has been erected on Vauxhall Way, alongside the end of what remains of the car factory there, and the main road. Having done a bit of Googling, it would appear that it's a 3G mast (there are two grey metal boxes nearby, too); it's just a shame they've given up the idea of disguising them as trees. I saw another one near Sainsbury's in Bramingham today, too.. they're ugly. Yuck.

Posted by james at July 7, 2006 9:15 PM

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