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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Friday, 28 July 2006

podcast meetups and synths

Podcasting's a great invention, although even now, nearly two years since the idea was conceived, I think it appeals to a minority audience. This was typified by the last weekend - I met up with a small cabal of Britcasters on Saturday, after a fairly positive practice in Kent, who differ almost entirely from their counterparts in mass-production radio.

On Tuesday, too, I met up with Paul and Judy (from Total Podcastrophe) and their daughters; they're on holiday from the US (via Iceland!) and spent an evening exchanging stories and experiences from both sides of the Atlantic; a great opportunity to get to know the people behind the voices I enjoy listening to.

Yes, they're performers, creatives, but so much more down to earth, with tens or hundreds of listeners rather than tens of thousands (which even Ricky Gervais can barely claim to have since his show has gone subscription only). In fact, many of the listeners are podcasters themselves, therefore generating a subculture of people who understand and appreciate the concept.

Perhaps with the (somewhat controversial, according to many in the field) birth of Podshow+ will come a greater awareness of the concept, so that 'small podcasters' (such as I) may benefit from the potential greater audience. It's interesting to see that, these days, advertising is investing more in the internet than radio and newspapers - although I never intend to make a living out of podcasting (as an article in the latest Podcast User magazine discusses), I think I'd be content to make use of its growth as a medium.

If not, I can always turn back to my occasional musical endeavours. I spent Wednesday evening working on my MIDI set-up. I was hoping at least to set up the cabling, channels and perhaps create the basis of a tune. In reality, I couldn't get a signal to the patchbay, eventually discovering that I'd been a little overkeen with the cable clamp at one end, shearing both wires and shorting them. Oops!

In the time I had remaining, I checked on the internet to see if there's any software to help to edit the sounds on my Roland D5 and Yamaha TX81Z (the EMT-10 sound module isn't really that programmable). Despite being nearly 25 years old(!) you can still find some bits available:

So to the rest of the week, then... I'm working on Friday, taking Saturday off because it's Beth's Dad's 60th birthday, and then another day of work on Sunday. Lots going on, then.. more about that, I'm sure, when it happens!

Links of the day: (incorrect alert!)

  • www.holotone.net : An extensive, diverse collection of weird and outsider things

  • bentrecords.blogspot.com : More focussed attention, this time - a compendium of links to various strange music. The sort of thing my kind of parties are made of!

Posted by james at July 28, 2006 7:03 PM

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