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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Monday, 1 May 2006


Strange KitKat PricingIt's been quite a quiet bank holiday at work - few phonecalls, but plenty of opportunity to catch up with those annoying "need some quiet" jobs. Collect a bunch of engineers into one place, and the conversation will turn to trivia... today's being the Women's FA Cup Final, the synchronicity of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard Of Oz... something I'd like to do one evening, if anyone cares to join me.

The photo on the right: despite the crazy pricing, you'll still not persuade me to buy Nestlé.

May Day in the UK is traditionally a day for unofficial protests. The only evidence I saw and heard today was a bunch of cyclists whizzing down a nearby street behind a sound system playing Bob Marley's Get up Stand up (Windows Media video); apparently they were heading for a sit-in at Oxford Circus. It was interesting to see, among the back-markers of the bicycles, a small cabal of policemen on their mountain bikes - the ideal way to keep order among them, I guess.

Well, one more day at work before I zoom up north to see my internet pals Trev (with whom I collaborate on the North South Divide podcast) and Jenny for a couple of days, then back to the grindstone before the weekend. Time goes by so quickly (Madonna... you're so wrong).

Oh - and while I remember, we finally found the second half of our first ever geocaching mission yesterday. It involved clambering around in brambles for a bit, but isn't that what being at one with nature is all about? I hope so... our garden's overrun with them! Thanks, Percy, for your text help!

My subscription list is nearing 40 - how on earth will I get time to listen to them all? Here are the latest additions; I'll list the whole lot when I get the chance...

British Mac : Guess what! I'm saving up for my first Apple Mac. More on that in a future blog, I'm sure, but this podcast is a very British, quirky guide to the world of Macintosh.

The Emma And Pete Show : It's Emma and Pete, a couple from Oxfordshire, and a gazette (as opposed to a gazelle) of their lives - kinda like a Bluggcast but without the aliens, technology and irregular podcasting habits.

Links of the day

  • signsoflife.goose24.org : the art of the slightly wrong sign...
  • www.pimpmysnack.com : If you've not seen the site that features a gigantic bourbon biscuit already, here's your chance! (thanks, Beth!)
  • towel.blinkenlights.nl : You'll need a decent telnet client to see this, but when you see this ASCII version of Star Wars, you'll be impressed that someone might take that amount of time to make it. And, as ever, ask yourself "why?"

P.S. I always thought the Railgun in Quake was just a work of fiction. That was until I saw these two websites - although it's not something that'll be in production any time soon (OK, so that would be a bad thing for everyone), some of the videos are spectacular. Science, eh?

Posted by james at May 1, 2006 10:57 PM

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