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Tuesday, 30 May 2006

phone resurrection

So my poor little Nokia 5140 has stopped working again. All (I believe) it needs is a reload of the operating system; this is what an engineer did - fortunately under warranty - last time it went wrong. I popped to the Oxford Street branch of Carphone Warehouse and, after waiting in a queue for half-an-hour was told by a charisma-free and sales-oriented 'customer' 'service' representative that it would cost £40 for an engineer even to take a look at it.

That seemed a little excessive - it can only be a twenty minute job at the most, and if I had the equipment, perhaps I could do it myself. I have considered this eventuality, and it does look possible, although there are a few hoops to jump through:

  • I need to find the right cable to connect a computer's parallel port to a DCT-4 series NPL-5 with firmware version 3.17. The simplest requires quite a few electronic components and some soldering, but even then it might not do what I want it to do.
  • I need to find the appropriate software to programme the replacement firmware (MCU and PPM, apparently) into the phone. There is software out there, but it's fairly complicated - www.panuworld.net/nuukiaworld has a couple of interesting bits to look at.
  • Finally, I'll actually need the firmware/MCU itself. This isn't (or at least shouldn't be) in the public domain, so it's not a trivial matter to get it.
  • Mix all three together and then hope for the best... i'm not really sure I have much chance of getting to this stage, though!

There are alternatives - I've already emailed for a quote from fonefix.com, but none of them seem particularly attractive, really.

For now, then, I'll stick with my trusty 6510... OK, so it's not got a camera and novelty ring tones, but it does the job!

Posted by james at May 30, 2006 10:45 PM

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