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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Sunday, 19 February 2006

changes, rage and podcast

We're gently coming to the end of a pleasant weekend - Beth's visiting some friends in Newcastle, so I've enjoyed some time playing with and caring for Christopher and Eleanor.

One thing that's evident, wherever we go - certainly around the near vicinity - is that work has already started on, well, practically everything! Trees have been cut down alongside the motorway, up to junction 10 (for the planned widening scheme) and similar croppage has been wrought on the single-carriageway 'airport approach road' which, once they've built new bridges over the railway and Lower Luton Road, will continue the dual carriageway almost as far as our house.

Then there's (what used to be) the Luton Vauxhall factory. It's been shrouded in white (tarpaulin?) while the demolition takes place, before the Napier Park project commences, which will really change the area nearby us.

Then of course, there's the airport expansion, the Power Court redevelopment, and the much needed railway station move! Luton won't be the same in five years time, I'm sure of that!

I read a couple of articles that really riled me, this week. The first is this one:

how can the PRS be so petty? I have fairly mordant opinions of the music industry in general, with their approach to 'marketing' the musicians who'll bring them success (often for a short time), and leaving the majority to struggle, but I'm a firm believer that having a radio playing a familiar song is more of an advert for that song than a 'performance' to be charged-for. That's why it's on the radio, for heaven's sake!

I'm particularly annoyed that the new coaches that take me into London aren't fitted with radios for exactly the same reason. It's a pointless idea.

Next, the American music industry are stirring up the legal melting pot regarding creating MP3s from CDs. Slashdot report that they've concluded that 'backups' are essentially new copies, so should be separately paid for. OK, so to the letter of the law, they're right, but it's - yet again - solely intended to make money. (thanks for the link, Ed)

Then there's the rather troubling governmental pressure to put a 'backdoor' in the new version of Windows, so that the security can be circumvented in the case of 'criminal investigation'.

Hmm.. all a bit doom and gloom, really! Well, why not cheer yourself up a little, with my first ever venture into the world of podcasting - I've been working with a northern bloke called Trev to create spoondance.

It's the first North South Divide comedy podcast (the website's a work in progress!). It's got no rude words in, but may contain jokes that might be considered a little raucous.

That's quite enough from me for now... I've got no idea where all the time is going (I think there might be a leak) but the majority of next week's not going to offer much opportunity to do anything but work and sleep, so I'd better resign myself to it!

Still, the band rehearsals are happening, I'm spending a fair amount of time doing daft things in the studio, and it's been a fun half term with the children, so I have no reason to complain. :)

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Posted by james at February 19, 2006 12:22 PM

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