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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Sunday, 8 January 2006

new year... same old blog!

Well, a week into 2006 already, and I've given up on some of the usual New Years' Resolutions - regular blog entries (a little optimisic, I know!), think before I speak more, and do less irresponsible things... the temptation to sit up until 3am noodling around with my computer on a night off has already beaten me!

What else has been going on? Not a huge amount, really - of an evening, I've either been working on the comedy podcast, or playing with my Christmas present from Beth - a Playstation 2. In fact, before I left for my nightshift tonight, we all had a go at the "Eyetoy" games - they're surprisingly aerobic, actually, especially the ones which involve waving like a loon to the musical tunes. That, combined with the 25 minute walk up and down the hill into town has probably been sufficient exercise for today!

In spite of the cold weather, we've still managed regular visits to Woodside Farm - they've recently opened a new indoor play area, which the children love; they'll have completed the coffee shop & viewing gallery soon, I believe. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed by the quality & wait for food in Woodside's little café, but that's just a minor thing, really.

Apart from enjoying the usual array of podcasts on the way to work (I'm a daily listener to what Richard Vobes and Comedy 365 have to offer - it does show a lot of dedication to do an entertaining daily podcast, especially since it'll take me a whole evening just to write and record a sketch!)

Now I've got my Feedreader installed on my work laptop, it's amazing how easy it is to catch up with news, technology and blogs. It's a shame that my original preference - Awasu - isn't authorised software, since it's a little better evolved, but I really would recommend either - so many sites have RSS feeds, that I rarely need to open Internet Explorer to catch up with my favourites.

That geeky ramble was sponsored by RSS Feeds Anonymous...

I had planned to carry out a retrospective of 2005, reading through my previous blog entries to summarise life from back then - I think I might just do that later (it's what nightshifts are for!) as well as speculating what 2006 holds.

Links of the week:

Posted by james at January 8, 2006 10:09 PM

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