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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Friday, 30 December 2005

it's still Christmas!

It's been a lovely Christmas - I was back to work on the 27th, so the festivities were brief but intense - we all had an exciting, enjoyable (dare I say a little gluttonous?) time.

The children enjoyed opening all their presents, and both Christopher and Eleanor received some wonderful gifts - thank you! (Hopefully we'll have time to sit down and write some "thank you" letters with them in the next few days...) I'll be honest, I very much enjoyed playing with the little pouch of Technical Lego with Christopher - introducing him to the delights of gear ratios and cranks. Apparently, he worked on one of his own projects today - I'll probably be shown it tomorrow before we trundle off down to Mother's for the day.

Although it's been bitterly cold (though not nearly as chilly as places far north of here - my colleague was telling tales of Christmas in Greenland!) the roads have been fairly clear, and I've not been too greatly delayed on my journeys to and from work.

While I was working, one of my colleagues suggested that I might enjoy a new site - www.pandora.com : it's described as the 'music genome' site; all you have to do is type in a song or artist that you like (it was developed in America, so quirky British acts will be a little harder to come by) and it will select other songs based on the musical stylings of what you've heard.

The closest thing I've seen is last.fm, which makes use of the Audioscrobbler media player plug-in; it's just as useful, but in a different way - more of a way to choose music similar to the tunes one listens to.

On the subject of audio and internet, I discovered gcast.com : a free host for podcasts, which is affiliated with garageband.com : one of the biggest independent artist MP3 sites, descended from the much-missed mp3.com. Perhaps the Podcast that's in the pipeline (I've got so much more writing to do!) will be hosted by them?

The webserver seems to be running a little slow these days - I'm going to have to investigate why this is (I blame the new OS!) - please bear with me! Despite my efforts, there are still spam comments and Trackbacks coming in; one of my next projects will be to upgrade movable type, which I understand will alleviate the problems.

Fortunately, though, the email's working, the printers are working, and - although I tried to upgrade the two galleries to Menalto's Gallery v2 it ran like a bow-legged turkey, so I returned to version 1, which does the job nicely. The printers are both working, and things are - for the time being - stable. (I'm afraid it won't stop me tinkering, though!)

Links of the day:

  • www.myspace.com/rayandtim : Myspace has burgeoned over the last year as the place to be seen - certainly as an emerging musical act. The Grand Union Music Show is a fine example - especially since they're my sister Cath's next-door neigbours! Mighty fine acoustic melodies they make as well
  • www.sumladfromcov.com : A fine artist known as sumladfromcov (not the most inspiring of names, but hey... the music more than makes up for it); he's an amazing guitarist, and he's recorded a wonderfully melodic album. (thanks, Elin & Rob!)

Hopefully I'll have time for one more entry tomorrow, before I run out of 2005! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Posted by james at December 30, 2005 10:09 PM

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