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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Friday, 18 November 2005

SBES, blind rage and a free book!

It's the end of another busy, strange week; once again, I appear to have had another five days off in a row.

Yesterday, though, I was half on-duty, since it was the annual radio professional(/geek?)'s exhibition: SBES, and it presented plenty of work (and ex-work) colleagues, suppliers and hangers-on on whom my faltering 'networking' skills could be practiced. There was plenty to see, but I always go with a hope that "next new thing" in broadcast technology will be there; this year was something of a disappointment, I'm afraid. Moreover, among the ranks of stalls seemed to be a few companies whose main selling point was "20 years of consistent performance" - or "we've not changed our product range, our technology nor our marketing style in two decades"... which is kinda sad, isn't it?

The week has gone by extremely quickly, in fact... pushed on, perhaps by the continuing saga of The Peugeot Garage And The Not Quite Perfect 807, where they finally took the car away to replace the two torn blinds (in my opinion, a manufacturing defect) only to return it with only one repaired; the other had been in a shipment that had been signed as received but never actually turned up. I think I might have to write a book about my experiences... or rather, you can expect a blog entry!

Well, a busy weekend ahead - during which we're hoping to buy an old, well-loved and, most importantly, fully-paid-for car, followed by a mammoth 7 days out of 8 working (including three nightshifts!)... I ought to make the most of the family time while I have it, then!

Links of the day

  • www.andrewsmcmeel.com/godsdebris : It's not often that a free book turns up (legitimately!) on the internet, but this one's even more valuable, since it's written by Scott Adams, the man who created Dilbert. Get it while you can!
  • www.wilflunn.com : How could the mainstay of crazed inventor roles in 1980s childrens' programmes not have a website? This, dear reader, is it, and a fine read it is, too! (thanks, Cath!)
  • www.thechestnut.com : (on the subject of which...) an affectionate collection of 1980s children's programmes. That memory lane is going to need to be widened...

(oh, and the nice Bluggcast aliens played my tune in their latest podcast.. hooray!)

Posted by james at November 18, 2005 10:26 PM

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