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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2005

car surveys and comedy

I've been working, so nothing of any consequence to report in that sphere. However, there's plenty else going on - on-line, on the telly and, of course, on t'wireless.

Oh yes - the telly. I couldn't help but be made aware of BBC2's Top Gear 2005 driver satisfaction survey - guess which car came in at 157th out of 157?

/comedy blog
A fine series of under-rated (so, er, not Little Britain, then ... I'm a little worried that it might be the 'difficult' third series, but I'll happily reserve judgement) comedy is back - Peep Show returned to Channel 4 last Friday at 10pm (darn.. I missed the first one!)

While browsing a fresh and interesting comedy forum - The Comedy Café at Trev's Shed - I was led to a new comedy Podcast project called Paint Your Headphones... it's a little dark, but quite amusing. Their intention is to use this as a springboard to bigger things - I'm beginning to think there isn't enough emerging comedy on the radio or TV, since it tends t be a little too 'safe' and polished.

Perhaps Community Radio syndication is the way ahead?

Comedy music - intentional or not - is rather good for me, too. Take this interpretation (6.5MB MP3) of Led Zepplin's rock standard Stairway to Heaven by the Young At Heart Chorus. (Thanks for that, Elin!) It really is 'Marmite' music, but when I'm in my seventies, I fully intend to do the same. With, say, a Sugababes song.

/radio blog
Well, Image FM happened... a little frustrating that some of my pals couldn't listen, and I encountered the usual handful of technical (and operational!) difficulties, but I made it to the end of the hour with most of my nerves intact, at least! Jon's show, was - as ever - spectacular, and I'll certainly give it another listen when I post it onto the site (hopefully this weekend, given enough time!)

While browsing alternatives to "friendcasting" - using aggregated streams from various friends' ADSL lines (not the same as Peercasting, which involves the listeners sharing the bandwidth) - it appears that most streaming services are prohibitively expensive. www.radiostreamer.com seems a lot more reasonable - $11 for 25 users at 32kBps is jolly good.

The frustration we're finding is that hardly any media players support pure AAC+ streaming (Windows Media Player doesn't do it; RealPlayer only supports the RealMedia stream version) - so you're stuck with Winamp, really.

I have a plan, though - I will try and find a Shockwave/Flash AAC+ player, so no separate media player is needed hooray!

Enough from me... linkies and then bed. Busy day tomorrow - the car's getting another trip to the garage (this time to fix the blinds - I have no other comment to make at this point), I'm going for lunch with my Dad, and Beth's having a girls' night out. Add to that the school run, and the day's long gone!

Oh - while I remember, my poor little iPAQ has broken... it's off with the doctors' now. The whole 'sending it back to HP' shenanigans involved spending a good twenty minutes on a Real Time Chat with a helpdesker - quite convenient, in that I could get on with a bit of work while he or she went away to find some more diagnostic suggestions. It's been collected, and I'm looking forward to the triumphant (and hopefully utterly repaired) return.

Really going now...

Links of the day:

  • www.omn.org : The Open Media Network - an alternative to BitTorrent... this could be interesting (but time consuming!) (Thanks to the Bluggcasters for the link)
  • www.sound101.org : What's the worst sound in the world? Find out if you agree, by participating in this rather painful survey!

Posted by james at November 15, 2005 10:16 PM

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