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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Monday, 28 November 2005

General Technology Failure at line 1...

What a week it's been... I suppose it's a factor of the modern life in which we're immersed, since there's an incalculable number of bits of electrical and electronic equipment dotted around the house, any (or all) of which can take exception to the idea of continual function.

In order of irritation, then, we have:

  • The starter in the strip light in the guest area (still needs replacing)
    The kitchen kettle (£6 well spent in Asda on a replacement)
  • The stop button on the microwave - rendering it utterly unusable, since it's a grill/oven, too (repaired with some dismantlement and araldite)
  • Beth's PC, which blew up at a moment co-incident with a lightning strike, causing a minor burn on her finger (still needs fixing.. she's on her laptop at the moment)
  • The burglar alarm - this was worst of all, since it decided to go off ever half-hour last Wednesday, starting at about 5.15am. (back-up battery replaced on Saturday evening when we risked going loopy - although I'd booked an alarm engineer for Monday, the thing was causing so much noise and disruption, either internally or externally depending on how we left it, that I didn't see any harm in taking a crash course in alarm maintenance and working out what - amusingly - the woman at the other end of the phone when I made the call to Premia Alarms had suggested was probably the protagonist).

    Things have calmed down somewhat since then, but there's plenty of scope for more technological malfeasance...

    I'm in the middle of a three shift run of nights... it's not quite as bad (so far) as my last set, but I'm glad it's the last one tomorrow!

    Lenni and JordanOh - and I completely forgot to mention that last Sunday we went for lunch with Pete, Lisa and their two little'uns; we were really spoiled at The Royal Standard with fine food and good service, so it's only fair that I give it a mention. Thanks for that birthday treat, Pete!

    Christopher, when he's not at school, has taken to playing with 'virtual lego' - there's a rather neat site called Lego Factory where you can design and "construct" your own model, and then buy the bits to make it. It's certainly saved him having to tidy up his bedroom floor, although we've not gone as far as actually ordering any of the models he's designed, especially since I'm sure he's got the bricks already. Somewhere...

    Links of the day:

    • www.animalyawns.com : A website devoted to.. yes! Animals yawning! Why?
    • virgindigital.com : The latest tantalisingly tricky quiz to spread its challenging tentacles across the internet... I've found a rather rubbish eleven bands - out of the 75 'pictured' in analogic form - so far.
    • www.darkwood.demon.co.uk/PC/meter.html : Ever wanted to have little audio meters on your PC screen, like the BBC have? Well, long no longer - here are some rather cute little applications that do just that, displaying the level of whatever you've selected on the 'record' side of the mixer. Great fun (if you like that sort of thing!)
    • /ipaq blog

    • www.kasuei.com/wifigraph : A cute (and free) little application for wi-fi enabled PocketPC 2003 PDAs that displays and logs wireless networks
    • pocketputty.duxy.net : finally - a version of the excellent PuTTY telnet/SSH terminal for PocketPC. It doesn't support tunneling (yet!) but it's a fine application nonetheless.

    Posted by james at November 28, 2005 6:24 AM

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