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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Friday, 16 September 2005


The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow PlayersIf I ever take to the stage, I want to do what the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players do; intimate venues, interacting with the audience (there was a Q&A session during the interval.. well, it was the interval) and selling (after signing) their merchandise with a friendly demeanour.

That, of course, would be to discredit the music - it was cleverly written (think They Might Be Giants meets... er... a slide projector and real drums) with catchy melodies, and, of course, some of the slides were hilarious!

The opening act was bizarre yet somehow alluring - a petite young (younger than me anyway!) lady from the lower East Side of New York, who loves her chihuahua and tells surreal puppet-based stories of her evil landlord. With slides. Rev Jen was her name, and you can see strange things on her website (very strange).

So now I'm the proud owner of a signed copy of Vintage Slide Collections from Seattle, Volume 1 - there are a couple of fine song samples on the radio.blog player (look down and to the right!) - which I promise not to sell on eBay...

More photos of the gig here (thanks to David X for making it possible!):

Jason and Tina Piña Trachtenburg

Rachel Piña Trachtenburg

Reverend Jen

Jason Trachtenburg and me

Today's been a meetings day, followed by some fairly frenetic preparation for Radio 1 to play out in Broadcasting House over the weekend, if the power work goes a bit awry (it probably won't, but if you hear something unusual, you'll know what it was!) and I'm on my way home for the weekend.

No rest for the (barely) wikkid, though, since I'm being picked up for a Jude rehearsal at half-past eight tomorrow morning. I'm very much looking forward to having a proper go with my new guitar, although I definitely need plenty of practice!

There are no great plans for Sunday (thank goodness!) and Monday's return to work is my last for a couple of weeks - yay!

I ought to mention that my appointment with the GP on Wednesday morning gave rise to a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, which kind-of fits the description of what I have. Unfortunately, it's not curable, but I've been prescribed some rather worrying tablets to have a go at reducing the acuteness of the symptoms. I'll try that for a month (between you and me, I'm only taking half-doses, and I'm not supposed to have alcohol or caffeine) then perhaps exploring alternative therapies (acupuncture is supposed to be quite good for it).

Enough from me, then - have a good weekend!

Posted by james at September 16, 2005 11:35 PM

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