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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2005

the future of rock (kind-of)

It's been an interesting few days - the weekend already seems like a long time ago, even though I spent it working.

Saturday was a productive 'get things done' day - there were only a few of us in, and we work very well as a team, so managed to tackle quite a few long-standing jobs; Sunday was much quieter - I busied myself with writing a VBScript application to monitor the temperature in the apparatus rooms, which was something of a departure for me.

In fact, I haven't done any programming in years, which may have been why it took so long to get it working (documented and fool-proof) but it seems not to be causing too much trouble with false alarms or PC crashes...

Monday was a 'spare' workday - I went in to attend the monthly management meeting and left for home after it had (finally) been adjourned.

In fact, today was my only (full) day off in the seven days to Friday, but we made sure it was packed with interesting things to do, including taking Christopher to his swimming class (half-past eight is an early start!) visiting Hemel Hempstead for some general shopping and popping past Toys'R'Us for Christopher to spend some of his birthday money.

I think he spent it quite wisely, after some discussion about what he could afford, using just over half of it on some Transformer-based toys.

Me and my new Ibanez GAX75When we returned home, I addressed a long outstanding issue - one that even Beth has been quite communicative about - the fact that my electric guitar, much as I love it, is old, out of tune and sounds dreadful.

I had asked around at work what guitars people recommended, and one of the colleagues I respect most musically suggested the Ibanez GAX70. It's a lovely looking guitar, and I've been keen to have a go on one since then.

On a whim, then, we drove up to Milton Keynes to pop into the Sound Control there for a play with the little beauty; well, the GAX75, the same guitar but with a clever D-tuner thing. No contest - I had to have it, and so it's now taken up residence in the studio, usurping the long-loved 20th birthday gift from my university mates.

Now, of course, I have to think of a name for her...

On more ecological matters, I heard a report that there's a new kind of central heating boiler, using "fuel cells" - an electro-chemical reaction, rather than combustion, reducing carbon dioxide by up-to half. They're not cheap, but hopefully the price will come down as people take them up.

Before I pop to bed - work tomorrow - I've been taken in by the Ashes... is this year's the most exciting ever? The match that finished on Monday was gripping; it certainly provided a distraction from the management meeting! Beth still thinks it's a boring sport, though...

Posted by james at August 16, 2005 8:28 PM

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