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Friday, 5 August 2005

radio revolutions & tall buildings...

I was going to say that the shape of radio is constantly changing; in fact, the bit right in the middle (the clock radio, the car stereo and the builder's ancient boombox) is the same as it ever was. Around the edges, however, is turmoil...

GnomeJust this week, for example, I heard about two new products - both in the 'portables' market.

The first is an offering by BSkyB - The Gnome - a wireless extension to the the satellite receiver (I'm not sure about whether it can decode its own streams, or you'd have to select it on the Sky box).

It's orange, and triangular, and is coming in October... I think it's a great idea, but how is it better than some FM wireless speakers connected to a Sky box?

Acoustic Energy wi-fi radioNext, from Acoustic Energy, purveyors of marvellous loudspeakers, comes the imaginatively titled AE Wi-Fi radio. There are a growing number of wi-fi 'media stations' such as the Squeezebox but they tend to rely on both a server (containing the MP3s) and an available input to a stereo or some headphones. The Wi-Fi Radio, however, first much more into the domestic DAB Radio world (although, dare I say it, without quite as much style).

If I had £200 to spare, which would I buy? Probably the Wi-Fi Radio for the variety of stations available (hopefully one day it'll support AAC+!).

Nobody really knows which way radio will end up going - with Podcasts, audio-on-demand and webcasts being available off-PC, and with a DTT box costing less than £30, offering 27 radio stations, who knows what people will be listening to in five or so years time?

Back to reality - I had a proper night's sleep for the first time in days yesterday... it was blissful (although morning came too quickly!) A nice relaxed weekend ahead - Christopher is 6 on Sunday, and Jon's coming to visit tomorrow, so we'll have a chance to catch up and discuss voicetracking and how best to implement it in the rather super Playout software.

Links of the day:

  • www.projectrebirth.org : A website documenting the construction of the Freedom Tower in New York. The site includes a collection of time-lapse photographs of the building site, that'll look more impressive as the work continues...
  • www.suntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-tall26.html : Chicago's next skyscraper - the Fordham Spire. Now that is beautiful architecture; apparently it will be quite environmentally friendly, too, much like the Swiss Re building. (thanks for the link, Heather!)

Posted by james at August 5, 2005 11:25 AM

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