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Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Tuesday landings

The weekend seems like it was weeks ago - it was crazy busy, with a trip to Cath on Friday, a visit to our friends in North London on Saturday, before Jon arrived on Saturday afternoon.

By this time, unfortunately, Beth's wisdom tooth had started to inflict some severe discomfort on her, and although she struggled through Christopher's birthday, it wasn't quite the same celebration for me, seeing her suffer so. Hopefully Chris had a good time, though, with more presents than I've ever see a little boy get! (A heartfelt 'thank you' to everyone who helped make his birthday!)

I was back to work yesterday, back on the usual day shifts; Beth's been prescribed some antibiotics to sort out her tooth (soon, hopefully!) and things are back to normal. I wasn't expecting the sun to have set by the time I arrived home last night... not too much of a surprise, given that we're well into August, but I think I'll eschew those Christmassy feelings for now!

I don't think I've paid so much attention to the space shuttle's return to earth as I did today - perhaps there was more interest in the media (and in the office - coverage was on the big telly all morning). The physics involved is mindblowing, considering the optimum difference in speed between the shuttle being in stable orbit and the commencement of its plummet earthbound was only 180mph (a 1% decrease in speed), the intensive planning of the approach and the glide to land - if you can call a descent twenty times faster than a commercial airliner a glide - no wonder they had to do it literally 'by the book.'

You can watch footage of the re-entry (shame it was a little before dawn) on Nasa's website here (RealMedia).

I'm quite excited - Conrad from Jude and I are going to see the Tractenburg Family Players next month - yay! In fact, he and Joanne are making great musical progress, working with an emerging rock band... I ought to start working on more stuff, while Jude is on temporary hiatus; it's finding the right sort of time that's the hard bit.

Well, I'm off tomorrow - I think I'll attempt a "PC-free day" - haven't had one of them for a while! The weather prospects look good, so with any luck we'll be able to head to the park and Christopher will be able to practice on his bike. Or we could just go up to the Dunstable Downs and fly a kite. Combining the two, though ambitious, would be folly.

Oh.. The Smoking Room is on BBC Three now (Tuesdays, 9.30pm) - in spite of the nicotine, it's a very, very clever comedy.

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Posted by james at August 9, 2005 9:42 PM

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