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Friday, 12 August 2005

Busy week

I don't know where the week's gone - Monday and Tuesday were workdays, and Wednesday started with a trip to the dentist's to have my shiny shiny new crown fitted ("Don't get mugged" said the dentist... "Why? Is it gold?" I ask. "No." Er.. right). I'm not going through the whole 'root canal' thing again if I can help it, though, shiny tooth or not; my next appointment's in February - is 2006 really less than six months away?

We went practically straight back out again to the park to try out Christopher's bike, then took a picnic lunch to the downs for some kite flying. I say 'flying' - I struggled with a two-string stunt kite while Beth ambled to the shop to buy a single-string one for the children to play with.

My colleague from work was amused (why do I consistently confess my inadequacies to my workmates?) since he's something of a kite expert; perhaps I should have researched some stunt kite tips before embarking on frustration and sunburn (my record was about 45 seconds of flight, incidentally). The children enjoyed themselves, though, taking it in turns to hold onto the string of the rainbow coloured kite that we did manage to get into the sky, or rolling down the long slopes of the down.

I would've joined them had I not been so achey - I think I'm fighting off a cold. Oh, the good news is that Beth's wisdom tooth has improved, so she's well on the way to recovery - not such a bad thing, since today is the zenith of that Big Brother thing.

Cute little barn owl at WoodsideOur last stop on our outdoor day was Woodside, to catch the tail end of a birds of prey display. Everyone has dreams of a wealthy lifestyle - mine would definitely include an aviary, or at least a large copse with owls and other things that flap and make bird noises.

It was very busy, so we didn't stay long - it was a shame we only caught the end of the falconry, as it was most impressive to see the eagles with their impressive wings circling the crowd, but the children were starting to get a little weary by that point anyway.

Fortunately the extremely hot day that was predicted for today never happened - in fact, there's some rain expected for the weekend, which will do the dry earth no end of good. I'm working, so no complaints from me...

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Posted by james at August 12, 2005 10:42 PM

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