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Monday, 4 July 2005

sound and music..

I've been in my element today, having spent most of it attending a two day audio editor operational course. This was laid on so that when the punters have difficulties we engineers can at least have some idea of what they should be doing - after suggesting they turn it off and turn it on again*), obviously.

Most of my time was spent applying the skills I was learning to completely remove all sense from the audio pieces we were given to play with, in a feeble attempt to emulate the great Armando Iannucci's work. I have a lot to learn (about comedy, mainly) - the last time I set about making some nonsense during a course (a 'jingle' during my first VCS training - I was young and foolish then; I'm old and foolish now) I didn't delete it and my colleagues discovered it and have mocked me ever since. Quite embarassing.

Over the past week, I had intended to read all the way through my Logic Audio audio sequencing software manual, so that I could hone my skills and make another piece of tuneage. In the end, I read Q Magazine, which made me want to form a band and to go to festivals, mainly.

My next project, I have decided, will be completely electronic, though - I'd like to get my synths working - which might come as quite a disappointment of those of us who like to rock. I'll probably end up doing something like a jingle mash-up (although I'll think twice before submitting it to XFM, even The Remix - I don't know if I can handle the rejection again!) and get it out of my system, before returning to my guitars before my fingertips have gone all soft, though. Who knows.. maybe I'll find my niche.

Oh... while I remember - a couple of BBC-related bits. First off, yet again I consider myself extremely fortunate to have avoided privatisation - BBC Broadcast - the division I joined when BBC Technology were sold off to Siemens - have also been dispensed with, this time to a banking consortium (scary!) This means I'm the only ex-Chiltern chap who's still working for the BBC - more by luck than judgement, though!

Secondly, I ought to mention Eugene. OK, so he has as much chance of winning Big Brother 6 as I have of having a number one single, but he's a BBC Engineer (at the research division), so I ought to support him - with the assertion that we're not all as odd as Eugene!

Links of the day:

  • www.santoalt.com/videos.php : My colleagues were most amused by this site - similar to the famous stupidvideos.com - especially the amazing airport by the beach (which I'm sure I've waxed lyrical about before) and idiots doing foolish things so we don't have to.
  • www.bobthompsonmusic.com : a site created by the son of a remarkable composer, to higlight the music he made, most notably that inspired by transport noises. (thanks, Amy, for the link)

*I am well aware that I may consider myself excommunicated from the IT Inner Circle for giving away trade secrets, but come on - you already knew that one, right?

Posted by james at July 4, 2005 9:58 PM

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