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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Monday, 25 July 2005

phone, plant and pickle

Bit of a 'stream of consciousness' blog, this one - it's been a busy day, but with enough small gaps in to fit some internet ramblings...

Earlier, for example, my phone rang briefly, stopping just before I could reach it. The number on the display was 08700 426655; who was it? According to various internet sources, it was a scam/spam phone call - apparently you're meant to call them back (at national rate) and they will try and sell something expensive to you. Odious. 0870 0426655

With so many unscrupulous sales systems out there - those ring tone 'clubs' are amongst the worst of all; the way premium rate texts are charged is counter-intuitive, since you are charged every time they send you a text, until you 'unsubscribe' by which time, they've taken pounds off you - it's good to see there is some help on-line. Registered Call is a service that 'documents' a call by recording it (for quality assurance purposes), so that anything undertaken on the phone can be backed up with evidence that's available at the click of a mouse.

Barry & family (and Gordon Brown)Back to office reality, I'm pleased to say that my family of plants has grown a little - and it's perfect timing, too. Daventry and Helen are almost growing too big for their pot, so I'll be looking for some larger accommodation for them later in the week. As a result, Gordon Brown, a money plant cutting that was kindly donated by my boss's boss today, is moving in. He's languishing in a cardboard coffee cup at the moment, but I'll make sure I'm equipped with compost to carry out some small-scale horticulture during quiet periods of my nightshifts (which start on Sunday ... ooer!)

Branston Pickle!I finally got to the bottom of another matter that has bothered me, today. For years, I didn't buy Branston Pickle (or any other Crosse & Blackwell product for that matter, because they were a Nestlé brand. It seems that they (and Rowntrees Jelly - yum!) were sold to Premier Foods a few years ago, so we can buy them again now!

Now, if I could only persuade Premier Foods to buy Polos... I haven't had one of them in years!

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Posted by james at July 25, 2005 10:06 PM

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