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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Melting and making poverty history

It's been really hot again the past few days (oh no... I have a feeling I'm going to start moaning - just think of the kittens!) Suffice it to say, though, my quality of sleep has suffered, and I don't have much of an appetite - there might not be much left of me come autumn!

However, I'm doing my best not to take personally the fact that the XFM breakfast show haven't played my over-exuberant lawnmower-infested song. the previous one I submitted to them, I can understand them not playing (it was truly, and deliberately, awful) but this had at least some redeeming features - including fine backing vocal work by Suzanne, and a catchy chorus.

As Beth said, though, I should set my sights on next year's song for Eurovision... or the year after... or the year... well, I hopefully have a few more years on the planet (if I don't fall to melty bits this summer!), so perhaps my Muse will return to me by then.

Work's been busy - it's nearly appraisal season, so I'm attempting to give the engineers plenty to do so they can report lots of successes and the like. I'm supposed to be writing up the next rota, too - an onerous task, which requires careful precision. I have, however, managed to put it off thus far, though, preferring the option of sorting out huge audio servers of doom that refuse to record between midnight and 1am.

Oh - you'll probably have noticed the "Make Poverty History" banners draped all over the site. Beth bought one of those white bands yesterday, and, while researching it, discovered the little javascripty thing on their website, so I thought I'd show my solidarity.

I already have a Beat Bullying wristband, but I don't think two is excessive (they're all the rage, you know!); I'll wear a white one with pride next to it, as I passionately believe in both causes - everybody deserves better than to go through life in need, or in fear of their own safety.

I'm still not entirely convinced about Live8 though, I'm afraid. There is a rather twee, 'white middle-class'ness about it* and the fact that Ethiopia hasn't really improved in the twenty years since the last time gives me the feeling that they're not really going about it quite the right way.

Yeah, I know - it shouldn't be belittled - every effort towards a united world is welcome, and whether through faxing my MP about cancelling national debts or spending six months in Cambodia, I know there's a lot I can - and should - do to help.

(*As a comedian recently said there are only two things you can be mocked for these days - one is being middle-class, and the other is being ginger...)

Posted by james at June 22, 2005 9:36 PM

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