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Monday, 9 May 2005


Well, I finally got the tyres sorted on Saturday, although not without a bit of a struggle. Our car is on one of those 'lease' things through work, and maintenance is included in the price. However, there are all sorts of little get-out clauses (such as they won't change the tyres if they've done less than 12,000 miles) that can make life a bit tricky. In spite of having had the thing for nearly a year and a half, we've only done 9,900 miles, but the front tyres need replacing, probably due to all the starting and stopping of local journeys.

In short, a tip for anyone who's doing the same sort of thing, I would recommend asking for the tyres to be swapped from back to front (and vice-versa) at the annual service - at least then both sets will last beyond 12,000 miles! In the end, the leasing company did agree to change the front tyres, but we'll have to avoid doing handbrake turns between now and December, as if the rear ones wear out, we have to buy new ones ourselves. That (I'm hoping) is the end of it!

Otherwise it was a very pleasant family weekend - Cath, Martin and Luke came over on Saturday (Luke's growing so quickly - he has such a cheerful nature, and weighs only six pounds less than Ella!), and we invited Beth's parents and Rob & Claire over for lunch on Sunday, which was enjoyable - it's nice to have a house full of people.

That's it, really - I'm working all five days this week, because I'm doing a course on "Managing Safely." The subject matter is dry, and there's an awful lot of it, which doesn't bode well for the exam on Friday... with any luck it'll sink in, though, especially since we're being issued with "homework" every night, which I'm doing on the coach home...

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Posted by james at May 9, 2005 8:44 PM

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