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Friday, 20 May 2005

toothache and commuting...

It's been a bit of a difficult day at work - for no more reason than, for the first time in my life (as far as I can remember) I've had toothache. I was hoping that it would hold off until I'm a bit closer to getting treatment, but for the time being, I'm armed with oil of cloves which works quite well, and - added bonus - I quite like the taste.

Not long until the weekend, then - it'll be a fairly relaxing one, I hope (except for the TV fest on Saturday night of Doctor Who and The Eurovision Song Contest - come on over!) and we're seeing Tamara (Ella's godmother and very talented photographer) for lunch on Sunday.

Like a fool, I left my laptop at home this morning, but Beth's sent me a link for one of the new craze of puzzles - SoDoKu - to attempt on the way home. Amusingly, I'd seen some of the engineers poring over grids of numbers during their breaks, but hadn't realised that it had gained such immediate popularity!

Christopher and I have also been enjoying the newly relaunched Fun Radio (AbracaDABra as it used to be). The music's much the same (we have our own set of favourites, including the most amusing "In the Middle of the House" by Alma Cogan) but they also do some stories, too. A fine listen - made all the better by being available on-line.

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Posted by james at May 20, 2005 7:43 PM

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