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Monday, 23 May 2005

eurovision and nightshifts

Ella - waterpaintingThe weekend's gone quickly - as it often does - although it will come to a slightly premature end tonight, since I'm at work, covering the nightshift.

We've had a good time, though - as I mentioned before, we saw Tamara today, and popped to Woodside to let the children run about between the showers yesterday. While we were at Beth's folks earlier in the week, Ella started to do the cutest thing - she picked up water from the decking on her fingers, and made patterns on the glass doors; I captured the moment on my phone - click here to watch (834kB wmv).

It's twenty past three in the morning, and there are already a few people picketing outside the BBC buildings; it seems that for many of the departments, the management are covering the main duties, which makes for an interesting "Back to the floor" opportunity!

Rainbow - from the coachHopefully, though, things should remain quite peaceful between now and when the first non-striking engineers turn up at 8am (unlike some departments, ours doesn't have anywhere approaching a 100% union membership), although I've got plenty of music and general amusement to keep me going until then, I'm sure.

I ought to admit to having stayed up late to watch the end of last night's Eurovision Song Contest - it was a little disappointing that my personal favourites, Moldova and Norway didn't even come close to winning; I thought it was a bit disappointing that so many of the acts had a similar Eastern European/loud drums/strings sound. Once again, my resolution is to write a better UK entry than the past couple of years. OK, so it'll never be "Love, shine a light", but surely I can do better than the unmemorable nonsense that's been inflicted upon the partisan Europeans recently! Of course, the question is... will I get round to it this year?

(Oh.. the pic to the left is of the rainbow that nobody on the coach could help but notice on the way to London this evening!)

Links of the day

  • www.google.co.uk/ig : yet another Google enhancement - a customized front page. Possibly very useful for someone like me, who has www.google.co.uk as my home page. I'm most impressed to see that BBC News is among their chosen sources for on-line actualities.
  • www.uploadtemple.com : It had to happen, I guess - following fast on the footsteps of imageshack, here's a site that'll host up to 30MB of, well, practically anything! (except MP3s and.. er.. PHPs) If it's reliable, it could come in handy!
  • www.whoisdoctorwho.co.uk : It wouldn't be a weekend blog entry without yet another Doctor Who spin-off website! An excellent episode this week, too - despite some amusing mockery of Christopher Eccleston's gurning on Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive last week.

Posted by james at May 23, 2005 3:23 AM

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