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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Thursday, 28 April 2005

animals, lectures and coaches

Just a brief(ish) catch-up on the week's activites - the days go so quickly!

On Saturday the daytime was taken up with a Jude rehearsal, with a break in the afternoon for family time. We went through a few more songs - unfortunately, I've not had time to upload them yet, since the evening was spent doing last-minute preparation for the next day's internet broadcast.

In fact, Sunday was a fun evening, and although we faced the usual technical problems (resulting in a swathe of my show being lost for ever, and the rest of it being rather overprocessed) I think it went jolly well. In the next few days there'll be links to the audio available on the website.

A marmoset at WoodsideIt was a bit damp on Monday but it didn't stop us from getting out and about. In fact, we had intended to buy a season ticket to the Woodside animal farm, so that's what we did. In my nearly-eleven years of living in Luton I'd never been there, so it was lovely that Beth and the children could show me around. Many of the attractions were closed due to the weather, but we still managed to see the animals, ranging from pigs and llamas to pink flamingos and marmots (which were unfortunately asleep) and spend some time in the indoor play area.

I've been working over the last few days, which has meant being able to relax on the coach, either listening to the results of Sunday's Image FM or Radio 4. It's this time of year that the Reith Lectures are held, and I've found them to be a good listen, on a Wednesday evening.

There was some slightly less enjoyable news waiting for me on the coach this morning, though - for reasons best known to themselves, Arriva have seen fit to completely change the routes of their coaches, so I have to walk about four times as far to catch it into London. Nobody really understands the logic of the decision - even the drivers are confused - but all I can do, I suppose, is make the best of it and add my name to the list who have already written letters to the company asking for an explanation for this short-notice and significant change.

Y'know, I might even be moved to write a missive to the local paper...

Tomorrow's a day off - we'll probably try to fit housework, shopping and some family time in - and then I'm back to work over the weekend; there are a few things I'm working on at the moment, so I'll definitely be kept busy.

Wow.. that's my life in eight paragraphs! I'm looking forward to spending time with the children (it's amazing how much they change in just three days) as both of them are being very well-behaved and entertaining.

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Posted by james at April 28, 2005 9:18 PM

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