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Sunday, 10 April 2005

Birthdays and horseys

It's Sunday again? How did that happen? Well, OK, so much of the week has been spent sitting at my desk (or travelling between it and home); there's been a funeral, a wedding, an election announcement and a horserace, but I've not really had much involvement in any of them!

As is traditional, I'd better get the weather out of the way! There's been a bit of everything this week - during my days off, we've narrowly avoided being caught in hailstorms and heavy showers, and there was even a brief snow flurry making its way south-east. This evening, though, as I left work, I didn't even need my fleece on, as it was a 'proper' spring evening, with the last dregs of sun making the aeroplanes glow really rather eerily in the darkening sky.

Yup.. I think spring is my favourite season. Same amount of drizzle as autumn, but more flowers. And possibly a bit more potential for poetry.

How could I have let Thursday go without a mention? In fact, Ella has been a little spoiled with birthday celebrations - we had the party on Sunday, she opened presents at her great-grandparents on Wednesday and, of course, it was her birthday proper on the seventh.

Thank you for the presents - she's been dashing around trying to play with all of the toys, wear the clothes and read the books. (Which gives her a break from shouting at us - it must be terrible to be two!) I'll have to upload a few photos - and, if I can get her to sit down for more than a millisecond, take a proper "I'm two!" photograph for albums and mantelpieces... my challenge for the next couple of days!

In fact, I have two days off coming up, followed by a day of work, then practically a week away from the office; Beth and I are having a short weekend break for our seventh wedding anniversary, up at Great Yarmouth, where we spent our honeymoon, and we'll try and have some family outings on the other days (if the weather sorts itself out!)

Hmm. not so much a 'blog' as a journal this time... more webby bits next time!

Links of the week(!):

  • www.getjar.com : Free java software for phones that can do that sort of thing. There are some rather jolly games here...
  • tagtag.com/site/javalist.php3 : Another free java software site. You'll never be bored again (if you're easily amused, like me)
  • www.pagesjaunes.fr/pj.cgi?lang=en : The French Yellow Pages... enter an adddress in a major city and it'll not just show you where it is on a map - it'll display a photograph of the building! (Apparently the Spanish version is equally impressive, although I've not been able to test it for, er, linguistic reasons!

P.S. While I remember - on the 24th April we're doing another Image FM night; more details to follow on the website in the next couple of days. We might even be tempted to use AACPlus.
P.P.S. Oh - that "April" "Fool" "Prank" I mentioned in the previous entry turned out to be a trick that was played on the poor woman whose name was on the letter, by some of her so-called friends. Apparently, everyone on the street received one, and she took calls all morning about it. A joke? I guess. Amusing? The jury's out.

Posted by james at April 10, 2005 9:39 PM

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