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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2005

TV debut, and time off...

Monday was definitely an interesting and unusual day; we'd planned a little celebration of our TV debut in the evening, and the guests started arriving mid-afternoon.

I have taken this week off work, which I've enjoyed so far (even though we've not really ventured out very much) and it's not often we have people over - not least because of the industrial tidying job that tends to need doing beforehand!

Fortunately, the house was in a fairly reasonable state when Jon (friend from college days), Mike and Chris (two of our fellow "extras") arrived, and a fine time was had by all - we watched recordings of the first five episodes of Look Around You to co-incide with the start of the 'live final' and Champagne was served for the event (posh, eh!) See below for some embarassing screenshots of our appearance on TV...

all the extras Me (just about!) and Beth on telly Beth in shot

If you've got Windows Media Player, you can see a snippet of our performance here (2.1MB wmv).

All in all, a fine (if not a little embarassing) evening!

Posted by james at March 8, 2005 10:38 AM

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