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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Thursday, 3 March 2005

information for money...

Well, another day over - I had a safety course (which was a useful update yet moderately harrowing, considering - for example - the power of lasers they put in electrical kit these days) jammed in the midst of the goings-on which didn't help much, but I reached the end of the day with at least some of the list of 'things to do' chopped down to a manageable level (and went home an hour early, since I had to work through my lunch and tea breaks oh poor me!)

I've just noticed that tomorrow I've got yet another meeting, stuck in the middle of the day; this time a management thing up at Maida Vale. Ahh, well - the weekend's mine, and a few days after (still using up some of the leave I've carried over from 2004 - it's all rather complicated), so there's not much I can really commit to.

Of course, it's Mothering Sunday this weekend - Christopher and I are planning 'breakfast in bed' for Beth, which will be fun! Monday is the 'Live' Final in which Beth and I might be making an occasional appearance, but apart from that, there's not too much planned. And that feels good.

Links of the day

  • www.aqa.issuebits.com/promotion.htm : I saw an on-line advert for this service today, and am seriously tempted to try it out, although probably only when intoxicated (it's probably how they make most of their money!) It's a site called "All Questions Answered" who, for a pound, will answer any question you ask. Either an expensive way to cheat at a pub quiz or maybe not Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (especially the Fastest Finger First bit)
  • www.shazam.com : For a mere (?) 50p plus a bit to your service provider, you can dial 2580 on your mobile, hold your phone up to some speakers and it'll text you back with the tune that's playing. Perfect, for example, if you're listening to the frustrating (not to mention excrebly smug) Steve Wright programme on Radio 2, where he never seems to back-announce the songs I don't know. This can, of course, be avoided, by not listening.
  • www.goodguides.co.uk/gpubmobile.asp : Text GoodPub to 85130 and, for a few tens of pences, it will text you back with the nearest pub featured in the Good Pub Guide. I have tried this one, and it does seem to work, although there are quite a few candidate pubs in Central London, so it wasn't much of a challenge.
  • Posted by james at March 3, 2005 7:17 PM

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