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Saturday, 5 March 2005

Mothering Sunday and Children's radio

It's been a quiet weekend - delightful in its way, although the chill has kept us indoors for much of it.

With it being Mothering Sunday today, we went to church, enjoying probably the most 'family' oriented service in a long time; quite often there's only our two there, but today we had - it must have been - approaching ten children all either sitting quietly (some hopes!), dashing around the place, colouring in the picture of Moses or generally making their presence felt. Most of the folk at church are very tolerant of the little'uns, and it doesn't bother me at all (except for the hard floor!)

Yesterday, while looking for something other than the local station to listen to, while Christopher dried and dressed himself after his bath, I chanced upon AbracaDABra - a radio station for children and their families. The music they were playing was mainly those timeless classics that have been enjoyed by generations (such as "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly") and interesting versions of nursery rhymes. AbracaDABra plays good, wholesome stuff, though, and there's nothing like it on the radio (save for a couple of hours a day on BBC7, and that's at fairly inconvenient times) - or the internet, even (they have a dial-up friendly MP3 stream, too) so I'm guessing I'll be revisiting it during any slow-to-start mornings we enjoy this week!

I've just discovered why I'd not come across it before- although it's on the DRG multiplex which is broadcast from the same transmitter as Chiltern, it goes off-air at 7pm, and I tend to listen in the evening. It's a bit of a shame that we don't actually have access to any local radio on DAB, but at least there's plenty of other fine stations to choose from (including BBC7, 6Music, Virgin and - on a good day - XFM).

Well, it's Beth's and my televisual debut tomorrow (I'm cringing already); Jon's popping up to visit to celebrate the occasion, but everything else is pretty freeform over the next couple of days... just how I like it!

Hope you've had a fine Mothering Sunday!

Links of the day:

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  • aol.photobox.co.uk/.../&photo=11660134 : surely they weren't serious when they did this to a car? I would readily admit that if I were to try a paint job, it would probably end up as bad as this. That is why I will never attempt such folly.
  • www.blastbilliards.com : another addictive on-line game (best get yourself a pop-up blocker before clicking this link, mind!), this time involving billiard balls and explosives. Naturally...

Posted by james at March 5, 2005 6:39 PM

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