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Thursday, 24 March 2005

BBC job cuts

I thought it'd be sensible to mention the announcement made on Monday the 21st of March.

In our office, we sat watching Mark Thompson outline the cuts of jobs, troubled by the sheer scale of what he was saying.

Once the figures had been given, we were summoned to our a meeting of own division (BBC Radio Resources - a subdivision of Radio & Music), and the specific details were disseminated. Essentially, there are two parts to the department - "Operations" (who work with the programm makers to use the studios) and "Support" (who are more technical), and it was all hundred-or-so of us that were crammed into a badly ventilated conference room to hear the local news.

It was confirmed that the support area, to which I belong, has recently had a re-organisation, and as such has made preparations for any cuts (mainly by taking on contract and temporary staff for the intense recommissioning of Broadcasting House) so we are most fortunate in that there are not going to be any cuts in permanent positions cut (save for retirements etc.)

If we get some of the new work that's proposed, and can make the contract staff permanent in order to supply resources for it - the new guys really are keen and useful - it'll be even better.

So not bad news for our small team at all. It's quite scary to think that, come the sale of BBC Broadcast (my former department), I will be the only one of the four ex-GWR folk still working for the BBC.

Time, of course, will tell whether that remains the case (I'm hopeful that I'll be staying for a few more years yet...)

Posted by james at March 24, 2005 9:36 AM

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