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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Courses and reward

Even though it's been cold, it's still really good to get out and about - the children (especially Ella, who will do her cute toddling run until she can barely stand up - and even then complain bitterly about having to go back into her pushchair) benefit from the opportunity to stretch their legs, and we all get some relief from the four walls.

Yesterday was one such day - Cath invited us down for a cup of tea and a walk to the park, made all the more inviting by Mother being up to visit as well (and buying biscuits!). Christopher always enjoys chatting to his aunt and grandma, and baby Luke gets a lot of attention, too, which hopefully takes some of the strain off Cath!

I had Monday off, too. It's very rare that I'll spend a whole day at home, but Beth had some bits to get in town, and the children had been out and about the day before, so I wasn't too bothered about entertaining them in the lounge and the studio (where we often end up!)

Suzanne came over in the evening, to watch Look Around You with us, and afterwards we popped downstairs to have a bit of a music practice. It's been so long since we played and sang together (our last recorded session was in July!) but we still enjoyed a bit of a sing, covering the standards (That's just me, Devil City) and other random snippets. Here, for example, is Suzanne's interpretation and my unfortunate murderation of Britney Spears's Lucky (510kB MP3) - persons of a nervous disposition are advised not to listen. I really do massacre it.

Yesterday evening was a little more low-key, not least because I had a 5.45am start for work. As part of my new role as supervisor, I've been sent on a number of training courses. Today's involved learning now to carry out appraisals, which is something I'll need to do in the next few months. Compared to the "management effectiveness" course last week, which only served to knock half of the confidence out of me, this was very encouraging and useful. It included a training video written by Anthony Jay (who was responsible for the genius of Yes, Minister) and some friendly fellow delegates, who, unlike those who attended the previous course, all were 'plebs' like me!

Digital Radio yay!When I returned to the office, for lunch, I was rather surprised to see an email from the head of the division, telling me I had won the 'employee of the month' award! For my exertions, I was awarded a rather attractive digital radio. I'm not used to getting praise, so it was quite awkward, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

All in all, an interesting, rewarding day!

Posted by james at February 16, 2005 9:39 PM

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