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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Saturday, 1 January 2005

Knighthoods and football. An obvious combination (?)

I was working on New Year's Eve, although I arrived home early enough to join Beth, Suzi and Andy for a quiet evening of anticipation before it was too late to have a couple of drinks; we chatted, and played our video recording of the surreal but generally unseen AD/BC Rock Gospel story of the Nativity, which featured two of the three stars of The Mighty Boosh which left us crinkled up in mirth (so to speak), followed by one of the televisual highlights (certainly for me) of 2004 - Flashmob - the Opera. Midnight came and, as I'm now quite old, to celebrate the commencement of a new year, I poured myself a large glass of water and went to bed.

There was plenty planned for Saturday. Beth's uncle, aunt and youngest cousin and family were due to visit; we were going to meet for lunch and after that, I'd been invited to join Rob, Drew (Beth's cousin's husband) and Alan (Beth's uncle) to watch Luton play a football match against Sheffield Wednesday. It's only the second league football match I've attended (see here for the account), and no less awe-inspiring - not to mention a little unsettling - to hear the whole stadium chant in unison. The songs they sang were that much more coarse, though, and directed mainly at the thousand or so away supporters who were barricaded in their own area. My favourite was "You're not famous any more" which was both true and amusing, especially when sung by tens of hundreds of people.pictures of the football match - 1

A suprise was revealed at lunch - Beth's uncle, an important figure in the car industry, had been offered (and had accepted) a knighthood. It led me to wonder if I'd ever be honoured (I very much doubt it!) and whether I would consider accepting...

second cousinsAll in all, a fine day for us and the children, who had the opportunity to play with their second cousins - one of whom is practically the same age as Ella. It was really encouraging to see them both interacting so well, in spite of being so very young! In fact, we're really lucky to have so many nieces and nephews who get on so well and - with any luck - will see our two a good deal more this year. My New Year's Resolution is to see more of the family - I hope I can keep to it!

Posted by james at January 1, 2005 7:29 PM

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