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Wednesday, 1 December 2004


I don't know why, but the last few days have left me feeling as if I haven't had all the sleep I need; I'm having seven hours a night, and, although I have to leave the house quite early tomorrow to take the car for a service, I should be able to catch up (as long as nothing finds a way to distract me, as always seems to be the way when the hour becomes late).

Work, therefore, has been something of an effort - today wasn't wholly productive, but it wasn't too busy, either (someone else was honing their supervision skills), so I took the chance to walk down to Oxford Street to see the lights. I'm sure it's normally a little more, well, evenly spread; this year they've put a series of clusters of eight searchlights, with coloured beams varying from red to blue being cast into the night sky. Impressive, yes, but not so much for the shoppers standing next to the tall scaffold arches on which they perched.

Apparently, the've taken "The Incredibles" as the theme (which, I'm guessing, probably involved a substantial amount of sponsorship). Festive, yes, but in no way representing the traditional Christmas season. That said, considering the main point of Oxford Street is to involve oneself in a mad scramble for the 'right' present in any of a number of immense, but immensely busy department stores, it's not wholly inappropriate.

Oxford Street Searchlights

Regent Street LightsRegent Street conformed a little more to the standard of multicoloured lights draped across the road. I didn't venture too far down - it would have been folly to 'excuse me' my way through the thronging hordes, only to encounter them on the way back, but I guessed that the motif carried on around the bend. In many respects (the familiar winter chill - it's allowed... we're in December - only beginning to become one) I was glad to return to the relative tranquility of the office.

It's the Radio 1 Christmas Party tonight. I had an invite, but it starts at 9pm which is, considering how I'm feeling at the moment, not long before bedtime. I've got drink, food, good music and intelligent conversation at home, so that's at least one up on the 'do'. There's the team meal next Monday evening, and the 'company' party on Tuesday, anyway, so I won't be without a celebration. I'd better catch up on my sleep for those!

This has been something of a link-free blog entry. Hopefully the pictures will in some way make up for it!

Links of the day:

and if you can find any kind of connection between those three links.. I'd be very surprised!

P.S. There's a new film out soon, called "Robots (the movie). Is it just me, or do they look remarkably like the characters from the BBC Children's programme Little Robots?

Posted by james at December 1, 2004 8:36 PM

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