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Thursday, 16 December 2004

Festive decoration

Another Thursday (it comes round so quickly!) and another day off. We spent the afternoon putting up as many Christmas decorations as we could fit in the lounge without risking too many bumped heads, and assembling a new tree, which we've inherited from Beth's grandparents, who don't have the space now that Grandma needs a little help to walk around.

It looks wonderful, but photographs don't really do it justice - the main thing is that the children enjoy it. Christopher can't leave the tree alone, and we've had to put the switch for the lights well out of Ella's way - she's a crafty little thing.

Christopher and the Christmas Tree

I try not to be too greatly affected by the pressure of getting Christmas presents and cards ready for Christmas - there are a couple of little bits that I'd like to get for the children and Beth, but as is the tradition of the Useless Husband, I'll probably end up doing it at the last minute!

I'm actually quite looking forward to taking Christopher to church on Christmas day, to hear the full Christmas story - we've seen the crib scene, and discussed what on earth they were doing in a stable, and who the supporting characters were. It really brings the story home to be able to share it with a small child with no preconceptions, as it's taken at face value without prejudice, which infectiously removes the tired old cynicism of thirty-something years of being on the planet. And it's a fine story. I never liked King Herod, but apparently he does have a following (they're called the King Herod Appreciation Society and there's a Radio 4 programme on Saturday about the man, although I'm sure there was more than one King Herod...).

Onto Friday, then, followed by a weekend of celebratory lunch (it's Beth's Grandparents' anniversary on Saturday, and Beth's cooking them a meal), church (it's Christingle on Sunday) and hopefully the chance to catch up with Cath and Martin after their wedding. At which point, there'll only be six more doors to open on the utterly bizarre GE advent calendar (it has to be seen to be believed - I don't think I've ever seen anything less festive in my life! A picture's on its way)

Links of the day

  • www.singalongwithme.com : Little animated cartoons, and MIDI performances of children's songs - perfect to keep your baby or toddler entertained without having to learn the tune on the keyboard! (Thanks, Cath, for the link!
  • www.despair.com/demotivators : Anyone who's worked in an office has seen those twee and fatuous motivational posters - perhaps you, like me, have managed a little non-permanent defacement for comedic value. No need any more, with these framed plaques.

Posted by james at December 16, 2004 7:52 PM

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