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Monday, 22 November 2004


I go through phases of finding it rather difficult to keep track of time - especially at work, seeing as I'm stretching myself a little, gaining valuable experience as a supervisor while carrying out my usual tasks as IT specialist. It certainly makes for some full days (I'm a little late home today) and I really need to find time to complete my formal job application in the meantime!

Still, there's nowhere I'd rather be - especially this time of year, as everyone mellows out for the modern equivalent of Advent. I prefer to disconnect myself from all that horrific shopping - I apologise in advance if you get your Christmas presents in January!

I had a fine weekend, though - Rob had a surprise birthday party on Saturday evening, which wore out the children as they stayed up long after their normal bedtimes, and he and Claire joined Beth's parents and us four around the kitchen table for Sunday/birthday lunch.

In spite of having had thirty-two other birthdays, I still received cards and presents - thank you to everyone who thought of me. The children bought me a new wallet (the old one was falling apart) and I had all sorts of unusual and tasty treats, too.

On my day off, last Thursday, I was chatting to Christopher about video cameras, and recalled that Beth's folks' had a video camera that we borrowed on 'long term loan' several years ago to film our little boy as a baby. I had a browse around the loft, in search of it. In the event, it had been returned to its owners when we moved house, but they were kind enough to renew the loan. Neither Christopher nor Ella are shy of playing up and cavorting in front of the camera, and it made for entertaining viewing - I'm sure it'll be moreso once they're much older and capable of being embarassed by it!

Christopher is very serious about playing at 'radio' at the moment, too - we made a twenty minute 'Theme Show' last week, and, since I burned it onto CD for him, he's listened to it every night since then. We'll have to make another one for variety, though!

One piece of good news - while rummaging through the loft, I discovered a pile of thirty or forty records at the bottom of a box. I thought I'd lost them - perhaps leaving the plastic basket in which they resided in the loft of the old house - during the move, and, in spite of the potentially shameful contents (I counted two Bucks Fizz records - a prize if you can name them! - 'The Postcode Song' by someone called "Kerry" and Leo Sayer's 'One Man Band', for example), it was great to see and play them again. Well, some of them.

Christopher enjoys putting records on as well (he must be one of very few five-year-olds who even know what one is these days!) and he's developed a liking for Kim Wilde's album - the one with Kids In America on it. I like to let the children play in the studio, as much because it gives them the confidence to be around and play with musical instruments and technology as to give Beth a little peace to work.

Enough of the strange goings-on, though. I'm going to miss the children a little this week as my day off will be spent at SBES - a radio engineer's playground, with exhibitions of the latest and greatest equipment. Still, the way things are going, it'll soon be the weekend again.

Links of the day:

  • www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4703054 : For only 30 cents a message, Americans can subscribe to the Pope's "Thought for the Day" by text. Who needs the Today programme? Thanks, Beth, for the link.
  • www.ftlfm.com : Another unusual - part time - radio station (this time spawned from the bizarre website that is b3ta.com). I especially enjoyed the DJ Rich show (live from Houghton Regis, not 5 miles from here), at least until he played Bon Jovi. Thanks to Elin for the link link updated - please note, it's now www.ftlfm.com!
  • www.bbc.co.uk/mindgames : Gentle quiz show on BBC4. Yes! BBC4! We watched it. Yay us.

Posted by james at November 22, 2004 9:35 PM

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