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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Monday, 18 October 2004

nothing taken for granted...

We'll definitely have to go swimming at the Bedford Oasis pool again, as the children really enjoyed it, and there weren't too many people there. That was Thursday - I can't believe I've not written my blog since then! It started off insistently raining, in spite of which Ella decided that she wanted to go out of the front door, while I was putting a binbag in the bin. In fact, both children ended up on the terrace, splashing around in the rain with typical exuberance. All in all, a very wet day.

Friday wasn't quite so intemperate - not that it mattered too much, as I spent most of it in the office. I had a Megabus booking for 4pm for a trip to see one of my pals in Bristol, so I needed to leave in time to catch it. Of course, the usual Friday afternoon gremlins demonstrated their delaying abilities, causing a five minute job to need attention beyond the final critical moment after which I would have been late.

I spent less than 24 hours in Bristol, wandering around the rather pleasant city, listening to CDs and watching the second series of Spaced - one of the best comedy series I've ever seen - certainly up there with The Day Today in terms of hilarity.

That's about the only time I ever play Uno, and almost invariably lose. I'm sure it's mostly luck - either that, or I really don't know what I'm doing!

The journey home, however, was something else. It took three hours to crawl through the M4's latest traffic jam - apparently a lorry had caught fire that afternoon, and they were rebuilding the road - and, although I left at 6pm, I didn't get to the front door until after 1.15am. It could have been much worse, though - I'm just glad I had my radio and the children didn't have to go through it!

We were supposed to pop round to Cath and Martin's to see baby Luke, but poor old Cath has a cold which, added to the sleepless nights, I'm sure has hit hard. We had a family afternoon at home (with, of course, the obligatory Scrapheap Challenge) instead, and I managed to get Beth's old computer working again, so we could get some internet banking information off it. It turned out to be a problem with Zonealarm which seemed to be completely broken - somewhat reassuring, as it means that there's nothing wrong with the PC itself. (That's Mother's Christmas present sorted!)

Speaking of Mother, I received a concerned text from Cath earlier - and subsequently one from Mary. Fortunately, it wasn't such a severe incident that a stay in hospital was necessary, but it certainly brings things into perspective. We all send our love for a swift recovery, Mother.

And so my week of work ends almost as soon as it's begun. Ask me why in a fortnight.

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Posted by james at October 18, 2004 8:28 PM

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