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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Monday, 13 September 2004


Another week's turned up (on time), then.

It's been a sociable weekend, with Jon staying overnight on Friday and Al popping by for a pint and a game of pool on Saturday. we visited the 'local' pub - an establishment that we used to frequent at lunchtime in the early days of our friendship, as the place of work, where we first met, stood at the top of the hill. It must be ten years since the early days of Marconi Instruments. It would appear, though, that it's ten years since the pub had a refit, or (according to the strange woman who served us) any new customers. The tall metal sign has been buckled double since the strong winds of a couple of winters ago. Christopher and I went for a wander first thing on Sunday morning, to take some other photos of local landmarks. They're in the (slightly re-arranged) gallery.local pub

We also visited Dad and Rita for the first time in months - they recently moved to Hitchin, and the house needed a lot doing to it, certainly to make it safe for the children to wander around it. In spite of Ella's malaise (we had to visit to the unsettlingly minimalist NHS Walk-in Centre for a long, tedious wait followed by an examination by the nurse to check that her rash, which appeared to have worsened, wasn't anything really horrible) she was cheerfully wandering around the ground floor, with no apprehension of Dylan, who mooched around, equally unconcerned.

I'm trying to avoid computers a little more. It's all too tempting to switch on, and browse around the 'net - or worse, have a tinker with my version of the 'motorbike that spends most of its time in bits' the beloved Linux server that sits under the stairs. With any luck, I'll be weaned off 'em by the time we go on holiday!

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Posted by james at September 13, 2004 9:57 PM

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