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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Saturday, 18 September 2004

Oxford reunited

Today started in a rather troublesome way - neither Beth nor I had had a particularly good night's sleep, and both of us were wandering around like zombies this morning. Poor Christopher had been sick, shortly before midnight, too, so it hadn't been the best of nights for him, either! It was only really Ella, who seems to have recovered entirely from her malaise, who woke up prepared for another day!

I felt much better after a shower, though, and, although Pete reported that Jordan hadn't slept particularly well, either, we persisted with our plans to drive to Oxford after lunch.

Before we left, I put together a small collection of CDs to bring with us - Pete has a new computer, and wanted some interesting things to do with it - and the children joined me in the studio. Christopher, as he often does, asked if I could put on a record (I wonder how many five-year-olds know what one is?), and selected the classic - and well-loved "Sun Arise" LP by Rolf Harris. Classic stuff...

Beth, Ella and Jordan
Beth, Ella and Jordan
We arrived at Pete and Lisa's flat Headington with no trouble at all, and, between showers, played in the garden with their extensive collection of balls. It was great for the cousins to be able to interact, especially since they don't see each other very often.

They laid on a delicious tea for us, and all too soon it was time to go home - again a fairly uneventful trip home, although the matrix signs on the M25 warned of 'queues on northbound M1' so I had to employ a slightly longer diversion to ensure we arrived home in good time for the children to go to bed.

Ella, incidentally, doesn't like travelling. Much like her brother, she prefers to be able to wander around, and has taken to declaring this through the medium of incoherent, but strident, shouting from about ten minutes into any journey until arrival at the destination. Amazingly, though, she doesn't get a hoarse throat!

Another day tomorrow, then - church and a little light laundry, followed by a trip to Ashridge if the weather's pleasant enough.

Posted by james at September 18, 2004 11:58 PM

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