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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Monday, 6 September 2004

office moves and busy weekends

Friday came to an end with plastic crates being jammed to capacity with the contents of my desk. It turned out to be a bit of a rush, but eveything had made it to the second floor of Brock House in one piece when I arrived this morning. The only minor casualty was Barry, my beloved Aloe Vera plant, who is in dire need of repotting, so he's currently being supported by an old leaf and a pencil(!) after being left with my boss - who has an impressive collection of office plants, although none have the personality of mine!

So to the weekend. Saturday was mainly taken up with a day out at a children's indoor adventure place with a few families Beth knows. I wasn't really feeling very well - perhaps the continual interruptions of our sleep during the week had taken their toll, and I woke up with a headache and some dizziness that lasted most of the day. Still, the children enjoyed themselves, and hopefully wore themselves out!

My old friend Tamara came to visit after church on Sunday - she's Ella's godmother. Life's been busy for all of us, so we'd not met up in a long, long time, but it was a wonderfully warm day, and the children were on and off of the terrace with bubble mixture and radio controlled cars all afternoon. Beth cooked a delicious meal for us all, which was tasty and healthy. Tamara's a very talented photographer (her website includes some enthralling natural phenomenon photographs, and a small collection of quite breath-taking portraits of our little ones. My favourite one is this one of Christopher. Hopefully we'll have the chance to take some more, especially now that Ella has developed some very cute expressions.

The erstwhile minicam I carry around with me will never be a match for sophisticated equipment and finely honed skills (in fact, I have difficulty pointing it in the right direction, as the viewfinder is frankly rubbish!) but I took this picture of Christopher with his cherished birthday present (bought with the gifts of money he received from friends and family). I'd very much like to teach him to play, although we'll probably take it very easy to start with.Christopher and his guitar

Speaking of which, there have been two new interesting channels that have recently appeared on Sky's channel line-up:

  • The Musician's Channel [Channel 475] : During the day it features sessions by new and unsigned bands, and in the evening, it broadcasts half-hour lessons on guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and singing. The style is a little 'QVC'ish, with an overenthusiastic presenter stretching things out to fill the twenty-five minute slot, but the lessons are generally very well structured, and the main tutor is (certainly from what I've seen) a virtuoso.
  • Pulse Unsigned [Channel 905] : This is a radio station, playing only music by (surprise surprise!) unsigned bands. I've not heard much of it (Christopher tends to have control of the remote during the day, and I tend to listen to GBS FM or BBC7 of an evening) but it seems to be a little unadventurous for my liking, playing either rock, indie or dance, but nothing more unusual than that. [see comments for Pulse Unsigned's reply]

I tend to rely on Media UK to find out about what TV and radio stations there are on all the different platforms.

Nearly home, then. I'm taking tomorrow off, so we can (hopefully) get the car alarm sorted, and then we're popping down to London to have lunch with some friends. It's Mother's birthday, too - I've been a little remiss and not sent the present and card off yet (Sorry, Mother!)

Oh - while I still remember - I received the letter on Saturday that I've been hoping to see. It's from the Inland Revenue, telling me that, because I'm not very interesting, I don't need to complete a tax return next year (yay!) Unfortunately, Beth will, as she's now self-employed, but hopefully it won't be too onerous a task for someone with her form-filling skills!

Posted by james at September 6, 2004 5:57 PM

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